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Missional Book List

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Here are is a compilation of books from the Christian Post shelves that are great reads for missionaries or anyone considering a missions trip.

Tears Water the Seeds of Hope By Kim Tews

Tears Water the Seeds of Hope is the inspiring true story of a Midwest husband and wife who became disenchanted with the relentless pursuit of the “American Dream” and embarked on a journey that spanning six countries that redefined their hearts and lives.

The story begins in a small town in Wisconsin and weaves its way through South and Central America as the couple gathers an army of supporters, and works to save the lives of children in the end stages of starvation in eastern Guatemala. The narrative is filled with action-packed adventure and heart-warming victories as the characters face incredible odds and seemingly hopeless situations, while hundreds of volunteers join mission teams to serve alongside them. Readers of all ages will enjoy the roller coaster ride of emotions—from laughter, to tears, to sheer joy in the realization that it is possible for ordinary people to make a difference, one life at a time.

Answering The Call: The Doctor Who Made Africa His Life By Ken Gire

You don’t have to travel abroad this summer to glimpse life in another region of the world. Just crack open this inspiring tale of Nobel Prize-winning humanitarian Albert Schweitzer. The late Schweitzer, a child of a Lutheran minister, had accomplished more in his first 30 years of life than most achieve in a lifetime: he served in the military, earned advanced degrees in theology and philosophy, became a skillful concert organist, gave lectures in at the University of Strasbourg and was ordained as a minister in St. Nicholas Church. For many, that would have been enough to earn a reasonable living and attain social status in life. Yet Schweitzer was moved by his Christian faith to earn a medical degree and move his family to what is now Gabon, Africa in order to build and run a hospital among the natives.

Readers of Answering the Call will grapple for a better understanding of Jesus’ compassion as Schweitzer did. As patients, some carried by relatives, lined up in front of his cabin desperate for help, Schweitzer asks the question every reader will be all thinking as he/she reads this book: “Is this what it means to be ‘moved with compassion'?"

Call of A Coward: The God of Moses and the Middle-Class House Wife by Marcia Moston

This memoir of an unlikely missionary is an exciting, humorous and heartwarming tale that anyone interested in missions should read.

Moses never wanted to be a leader. Jonah ran away from his missions call. And when Marcia Moston's (2010 winner of Women of Faith Writing Contest) husband came home with a call to foreign missions, she was sure God had the wrong number. His call conflicted with her own dreams, demanded credentials she didn't have, and required courage she couldn't seem to find. She promised to follow where God led, but she never thought the road would lead to a Mayan village on a Guatemalan mountainside.

From the treacherous road trip to their new village home, to learning to navigate a new culture, to a stateside mission field in Vermont, Moston's journey reveals that God leads just as clearly today as he did in biblical times. Her candid account tells a story of learning to trust and obey when faithfulness seems foolish.
Written with humor and insight, Call of a Coward is an engaging reminder that with our very real God in control, cowards become courageous and ordinary people find great purpose.

No Longer a Slumdog: Bring Hope to Children in Crisis by K. P. Yohannan

Those with no voice—the suffering children of Asia—tell their stories. And as you listen to them, you share their anguish and rejoice in their triumphs. Here is one such story from sisters Asha and Lata abandoned on a train headed to Bombay:

"You girls stay here. I'm going to get something to drink." But after a few minutes, the train started moving again, and Mom still wasn't back! Our hearts were racing. The train kept going faster and faster. Where was Mom?

Although there are many sad stories like Asha and Lata's in Asia, hope is growing in the hearts of those who never knew such a thing existed. In this truly gripping narrative, K.P. Yohannan, founder and international director of Gospel for Asia, shares the children’s stories—stories of lives transformed, of families learning to love, of entire communities flourishing with new life. Witness as this next great wave of transformation sweeps the nations.

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