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The Impossible Prayers God Promises to Answer

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Extreme Prayer: The Impossible Prayers God Promises to Answer (Tyndale) author Greg Pruett served as a Bible translator with wife Rebecca for 12 years in West Africa. As president of Pioneer Bible Translators, Pruett made “extreme” prayer the mission’s strategy. Extreme, he states, refers to the prayerful expectation that God will “fulfill His promise to do ‘Whatever we ask’ to unleash His immeasurable glory in our families, communities, and ministries when we pray in the way Jesus prescribed.” Whether experiencing great duress or struggling with the ordinary, Pruett writes that anyone can benefit from engaging in extreme prayer. These prayers are adapted from his book.

 “Reveal Yourself to me” - Referencing Psalms 40:1-3, Pruett writes those who find themselves distant from God or troubled by unbelief due to past unanswered prayers should call on the Lord rather than “fake” their faith.

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