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3 Ways to Use Technology to Strengthen Your Faith

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It seems like there is always someone criticizing technology for the way it can distract us from the real world. It is also frequently maligned as being a distraction from our journey to the next world. Technology does indeed have certain drawbacks, but there are also many ways to use it for good. Social media, devotional apps, and recreational outlets give users ample opportunity to connect with other believers and improve their relationships with God. Instead of condemning all technology, check out a few of the ways you can use it to strengthen your faith.

1. Get Social

The world of social media holds numerous faith-building opportunities that can do your soul a world of good. Social media is primarily suited to enhance the areas of fellowship and inspiration. The internet makes it possible to have a faith community even if you do not have a good one in your physical location. For example, you can join Facebook forums where users can discuss faith and unite in prayer, or you can follow an Instagram hashtag to see thousands of users who hold similar values as you.

Some fellowship organizations are also sources of inspiration. For example, The Way International is a worldwide ministry that offers members the opportunity to learn more about Christianity while connecting with each other. The Way International’s Twitter account posts multiple Tweets per day, which include Bible verses, inspirational quotes, and links to helpful resources. If your Twitter feed is clogged with political scandals, tragedies, and drama, you will probably feel a little more hopeful if you make a point of following some accounts dedicated to sharing Christ’s love as well.

2. Devotional Apps

Need some direction in your prayer life? There’s an app for that. Making time for daily devotion has never been easier, because you can take your pick of apps designed for that express purpose. For example, some programs present users with daily Bible readings and corresponding reflection pieces. Some apps are tailored to address the needs of specific groups of people, including parents, spouses, and students. Some apps are designed to help you remember all of the people that you have promised to pray for. Others help you memorize Scripture passages, both by book and by subject matter.

With all of these apps available, it is entirely possible to find one that meshes with your personality, making it that much more likely that you will remember to use it. If you still have trouble on the memory front, many apps can be programmed to remind you when it is time to do your devotion each day. In the midst of all of your other responsibilities, it is easy to neglect your daily time with God. However, when your daily devotional app hangs out right next to your Fruit Ninja app, the usual excuses might not seem so convincing.

3. Accessing Christian Media

Sometimes, you need a little entertainment to light your soul on fire. That’s where Christian media comes in. Connecting with God through the arts is not a new concept, but what is new is all of the available methods for doing it.

For example, if you are in the mood to listen to Christian music, your options for doing so are endless. Music shuffling apps like Pandora can introduce you to artists similar to those that you already enjoy. If you want to binge-listen to some old favorites, YouTube is a good resource. Spotify can help you arrange the optimally uplifting playlist. Of course, if you want to purchase music so you can listen to it anytime, iTunes is the way to go.

Christian media is not limited to music, though. Faith-based movies and TV shows can be excellent sources of inspiration and reflection because they illustrate faith playing out in the lives of characters that resonate with you. You can use video streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu to find new pieces or revisit ones that you know and love.

Technology also gives us a new way to enjoy an ancient pastime. These days, you can download just about any book onto your tablet or other device. Whether you are a scholar of theology or prefer to read novels with Christian themes, there are a lot of ways to grow your faith while enjoying a good book. Of course, there is one Book in particular that you should always make a point to check out.

4.Seek and Ye Shall Find

As you can see, technology is not all fire and brimstone. While it can be misused, it also makes faith-building materials more accessible for people all over the world. Perhaps you need more opportunities for fellowship, or maybe you need greater personal discipline. Perhaps you are simply seeking more meaningful forms of entertainment. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for—all you need to do to find it is type a few keywords and click here and there. Next thing you know, you will be strengthening your faith using technology.

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