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5 Best Support Ticket Practices to Follow

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Working in IT helpdesk support services can be a rewarding but challenging experience. Tasks can come pouring in all at once, customers may be difficult, or resolving a problem can be frustrating. Fortunately, we’ve put together 5 steps that can be integrated into your workday to make it a little less difficult.

1. Start with Your Difficult or High Priority Tasks First

Prioritizing your tickets/tasks can set your workflow for the day. Studies show that we’re most productive in the morning, so take advantage and tackle your most difficult tasks first. Once you get through your hardest tickets, the rest should be relatively easy.

2. Be Courteous With Your Clients

Understand that when most clients contact you, they are probably already frustrated with their issue. Don’t take their frustrations personally, and assure them that you’ll work on resolving their issue as soon as possible. Take the time to listen to your client; it will benefit both of you throughout the interaction.

It is also important that you control the context of the conversation. Your time is important and you likely have other tickets to complete. Get to the root of the issue as quickly (and courteously) as possible. There also needs to be a mutual respect between you and your client. You can empathize with their frustration, but if they’re being rude, make them understand that you are there to help them but that being disrespectful will only make the process more difficult for the both of you.

3. Set Expectations and Timeframes

Clients often get frustrated with IT helpdesk support services when they are waiting for their issue to be resolved. Set the expectation for the ticket’s timeframe; if you don’t, you’ll probably get inquiries at least once a day. Acknowledge and reply to the initial ticket through email or phone. Based on your tasks for the day and how complicated the ticket is, you can set a realistic timeframe for its resolution and include that in your reply message.

It is important to give yourself some wiggle-room in your reply. For example, if you anticipate the ticket taking 1 hour to complete, tell your client that it will take 2. This ensures that you do the job properly without any pressure, and it looks better if you complete the ticket “earlier” than later because of unforeseen circumstances.

4. Get a Standing Desk

Not only is sitting for prolonged periods of time unnatural and taxing on your body, being sedentary also makes you feel tired and groggy. Studies show that standing desks can significantly improve productivity levels. Your lower back will also be grateful.

5. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As mentioned earlier, working in IT helpdesk support services can be stressful. Just remember to not allow yourself to get upset or anxious. Set goals for the day, tackle tasks one at a time, and do not take things personally. If you follow these steps and go throughout your day with a positive outlook, you’ll find your job to be much more rewarding.

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