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5 Ways to Boost your Organic Reach on Social Media

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Small businesses have the toughest time making their online presence felt in the market, which can be both online and offline. While the bigger businesses eat up the market with their shark-y set of teeth, little or nothing of the consumer base is left for the small businesses to entice and lure. Bigger businesses and brands investing their time and effort into building an online empire are also investing quite a bit of capital driven towards achieving their digital marketing goals. Smaller businesses and start-ups, fall short of this kind of capital investment towards marketing their businesses online. Does that mean achieving online popularity is impossible for them? The answer is, no. Small businesses too can achieve online popularity and positive revenue returns, by boosting their reach to targeted consumer base, online, using organic marketing methods.

How to increase your organic reach on social media?

The next question that floods your mind is how to boost your organic reach online, without having to spend multiple thousands on digital marketing campaigns. There are a variety of activities that you can take help of to boost your organic reach. Some of these activities include- taking assistance of leading write my paper services for blog, research paper and essay writing; leveraging social media; creating a business profile and ads on Facebook, posting media content on Instagram and Pinterest; being active with email marketing and email reminders; investing in Google Ad- Words and Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), focus on Press Releases and Webinars, etc. Read on to find, how to use these organic social media promotion activities to achieve higher social media reach.

  1. Try Blogging

One of the most tried and tested marketing strategies to boost your organic reach on social media include content. Content is recognised to be the best marketing strategy for any and every small business, regardless which industry it relates to. Content marketing concentrates on providing your potential consumer base the power of information, through their carefully and strategically developed material.

The content has to be informative, crisp, unique, plagiarism free, extend some value to the reader and most importantly should provide the correct picture of the product and services on offer to the consumer. Posting your content on leading blogging sites and online publication helps your content reach a wider base of consumers, immediately boosting your organic reach.

  1. Start using social media aggressively

If you are a start up or a small business looking for a breakthrough for your business online, then you need to start investing planned time and effort aggressively on different social media platforms. As per Wikipedia, presently, there are 200 social media sites that can aid you with your aim of reaching out to more people online. The leading social media sites that you should be looking forward to- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter, Google+, Linked In, etc.

  1. Heavy Pinterest and Instagram Activity

We all know how a picture speaks a hundred words and that is exactly what you need to bank upon with your social media marketing campaign as well. Use interesting and beautifully put together pictures and post them on your Instagram and Pinterest business accounts. This helps attract a number of people, who when follow your account, will have these posts religiously appear on their feeds and interest them every now and then.

  1. Actively practice email marketing and reminders

One of the best ways to establish direct contact with your present and potential consumer base is by establishing a potent email marketing system. Use strategic and well rounded off messages with attractively designed offer and discount posts to attract the attention of these clients and reach out to a larger audience. You can use the same emailing technique to create reminders for your client base for events, special offers and discounts, festivals, etc, held by the brand.

  1. Facebook page and advertisement

Another platform that requires little to no investment but yet wondrously increases your reach to your consumer base online is Facebook. Creating a business page on Facebook and flooding it with attractive content in the form of blogs, articles, pictures, videos, gifs, etc helps you get a lot of turning heads. Further boosting the posts and taking help of sponsored ads helps quadruple your reach.

All the activities mentioned above are low on investment but high on benefits. Take helps of these methods to organically increase your reach online, without spending thousands of dollars on online marketing.

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