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5 Ways to Save Money on Eyeglasses

Mon, Jun. 12, 2017 Posted: 02:24 PM

It’s quite common for those who use eyewear as a fashion statement to splurge any amount of money on them. On the other hand, the expensive ones may not be affordable for everyone that uses it to correct their varying vision defects.The cost and demand for eyeglasses keep increasing every day.Due to this reason, it’s important to look for different options that are of high quality and budget friendly. Many people simply want a pair of eyeglasses that meets their needs and matches their individual styles. When it’s time to replace old eyeglasses, you may decide to new lenses in old frames. Check out some of the foolproof eyewear saving tips below.

1. Consider buying eyeglasses online

Getting your prescription eyeglasses online is safe and fast as long as an accurate prescription is supplied when placing an order. As you search online for lenses and frames, it may take a considerable amount of time before arriving at the right option. Be wary of websites that offer nasty customer services or sell low-quality eyewear. Occasionally and at certain times of the year, some companies usually offer deals and discounts to their customers. Online coupon can also be used to get the best deals. The bottom line is to stay informed by going through online resources that contain information for selecting frames, add-ons and lenses.

2. Reuse eyeglasses lenses or frames

There is absolutely no need to be changing your eyeglasses often if it’s still in great shape. In a situation where the lenses are undamaged and work perfectly, they can be fitted into a brand-new frame if your prescription is yet to expire. Perhaps you still want to keep using your frames but your prescription has been updated, prescription lenses can be replaced by eyeglass lens replacement service.

3. Optimize insurance coverage

Understanding what your regular medical insurance plan entails will go a long way in saving money on eyeglasses. In most cases, the package may not cover the entire cost of vision expenses, butit should include eye examination and discounts to extra services. Endeavor to check the insurance coverage before visiting any online or offline store. In addition find out whether the stores accept vision insurance.Once you discover that they won’t accept it, move to the next store.

4. Opt for cheaper eyeglasses

When it comes to glasses, one crucial thing to note is that a cheaper price doesn’t automatically indicate that the glasses areof inferior quality. The designer brands worn by celebrities are really expensive and you can get a cheaper pair without the popular brand names. Most of the time, both may be of the same quality.

5. Make use of repair and replacement plans.

At times, a pair of eyeglasses only needs to be repaired and not necessarily changed. During an eye examination, you can ask your optician whether he provides free replacements of contact lenses or frames and repairs of eyeglasses. This type of service is also rendered by some retailers. They can also clean and adjust their customers’ eyewear so that it fit properly.

David Fournier