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6 Innovative Twitter Marketing Tools Every Social Media Manager Needs

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Social media marketing is the buzzword in online circles today. Every marketer is going gaga about social media though most of them were not too enthusiastic about the place of this platform in business. Just like every new marketing system, social media managers face new challenges every day. This platform is hitherto untested and the techniques that have been tried over the last one decade have been largely trial and error.

Brands are falling over each other trying to outdo each other on social media leading to more challenges. Among the challenges you face as a social media marketer is the volatile nature of this platform; one minute your brand is trending and the next minute it is being trolled for a goof.

Twitter As the Ultimate Social Media Platform

Twitter has established itself not just as a social platform but as a social media marketing tool for businesses today as well. Check the statistics; 310 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs), 100 million users log in daily and 83% active users on mobile. This makes Twitter the best social media tool for marketers. However, it comes with its own unique challenges, top most being the fast changing tweets and need for immediate visibility.

Luckily, you can now leverage innovative tools that are created to help social media managers capitalize on the power of Twitter. These tools include social media marketing tools, social listening tools, content curation tools and social management tools:


This helps you create a better way to share on social media. Considering the core of Twitter is sharing and having your content shared as rapidly and as widely as possible, it is crucial to schedule your posts from all your links across the web. It enables you schedule your updates to multiple times in a day.

By spreading posting of your content, you ensure readers are able to follow the discussion more conveniently without having to bombard them with hundreds of tweets every hour. Buffer also provides you with analytics which are valuable in determining what content is relevant to your target audience.


This innovative social monitoring tool pulls content from the internet and gives you a stream of brand mentions. It is a perfect way for a social media marketer to stay on top of things by knowing what is trending about the brand and the industry in general. It is a great tool to help you engage with the audience on trending topics that really matter to your brand.

More importantly, you can create invaluable relationships with influencers and prospects who have mentioned your company and this eventually improves lead conversion for your website. Brand24 features easy-to-read representation of your brand reach and volume based on mentions around the web. There is also the Marketing Analytics that is important as a source of insight, which saves you time and helps make an informed choice.

This tool simplifies things by categorizing mentions as positive, negative or neutral. More importantly, you can set email alerts or in-app notifications when there are any changes. The social media tool also customizes your reports using filters based on your company needs.


This is the perfect tool to help you find targeted followers on Twitter. It is the best technique to build lasting relationships as you are able to analyze if the followers are real and relevant. It is important to note that the way you organize your conversations online matters greatly both to search engines and your followers.

Tweepi is great in helping identify the right people to follow as it sifts through the content available and suggests people who might be of interest to you. If there is any topic among your followers that really matters to your brand, you will get notified and you can then start interacting more fruitfully with these mentions.


This is the perfect Twitter tool to simplify social media for you. It is an employee advocacy platform that helps with content management. It finds the content that is interesting and relevant for your target audience. Instead of wasting hours trying coming up with the right content, it is time to try out DrumUp. It is the best tool to help get fresh and intelligent content to share on your social media platforms with a single click.

It features advanced scheduling features that allow you to schedule posting of your tweets. You can also use the tool to calculate the optimal time for posting. The employee advocacy feature on this platform allows you to invite employees to share brand content that you are in charge of managing. This not only increases brand visibility but also helps your company to have a consistent Twitter campaign.


Are your hash tags effective? While every brand is creating hash tags, only the ones that are well chosen will make any impact. To identify the most effective hash tags use Hashtagify to discover everything there is about the ones you have in mind. Once you identify the name of the hash tags, it is easy to depict its popularity through a 1-100 rating which is a pointer of how concentrated it is on Twitter.

This social media tool also provides weekly and monthly variations of your hash tags. You can compare different hashtags on Hashtagify to identify the one that really brings the goods home. With the role of influencers rising every day, you are also able to find the top 6 influencers using a particular hashtag before choosing it.


HootSuite is synonymous with success on Twitter. It is the ultimate Twitter management tool and you can use it for free or upgrade to unlimited social profile management. It is a scheduling tool which also helps analyze the success of your Twitter campaigns. You can pick the publishing date and time for your tweets and it has mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Other Twitter tools used by social media marketing services India include Tweriod, Klout, Twilert, TweetBeep, TweetReach, FollowerWonk, Twtrland, RiteTag among others. Whatever you do, make sure you are leveraging the amazing power of Twitter. With these tools, you are able to get more out of your Twitter marketing campaign.

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