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6 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Thu, Jun. 15, 2017 Posted: 12:32 PM

Nowadays, employees don’t want to work in closed surroundings, they don’t like to sit in front of a computer for long hours without communicating with anyone.

Pushing workers to do their jobs alone is no longer the key successful employee engagement. Employees want to be a part of team where their ideas should be listened by managers and CEOs.

Follow these 6 ways to boost employee engagement in order to raise an attractive workplace.

1. Deliver Fearless Feedback

Regular feedback is a key element for generating an environment of employee engagement. It will also enhance the relationship between employees and supervisors.

Getting feedback in a fearless environment empowers everybody to work at a place that welcomes change.

Therefore, fearless feedback plays an important role to engage with employees. But, most of the companies and leaders are ineffectual or not ready to deliver fearless feedback.

Here are some tips to consider so as to start giving fearless feedback:

  • Clearly express your censure, use a suitable example to explain how you would like it to correct and handle with in the future.
  • Try to Balance negative feedback with admiration as well.
  • Make it a two sided conversation and give your employees an opportunity to clarify from their side.
  • Emphasize on the problem rather than frustration.

2. Redefine the Working Environment

Redefining the workspace is a great idea to foster engagement. For example, Google offers the coolest workspace that encourages employee engagement as the company offers its workers splendid facilities that include gym, salons, dining, laundry and child-care centers to maintain their work-life balance.

3. Build Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic motivation drives behavior that result in internal rewards such as happiness, enjoyment and positive feelings. Ultimately, workers extensively enjoy their work and have an authentic desire for the activity itself when they are intrinsically motivated.

For example: To complete or finish the task assigned, an intrinsically motivated employee will stay late as he wants to give best output of his abilities regardless of overtime pay.

Here are some ways to build intrinsic motivation among employees:

  • Give challenging tasks to develop a sense of control. This control leads a sense of ownership & motivates employees to succeed by a desire to step up to the challenge.
  • Provide an opportunity to participate maximum in corporate decision making process as being a valued member of the company.
  • Offer to widen their knowledge through participation in professional development seminars and training sessions, this makes employees feel that they are valued by the company.
  • Give an ability to choose the task according to their strength and preferences.

4. Make Effective Communication Strategy

To prolong engagement, it is important for employees to communicate openly and regularly.

To develop effective communication strategy you have to consider the following tips in mind:

  • Offer employees a choice with various communication channels to make communications more engaging. You can also use a real-time platform like Communifire as a substitute for a face-to-face conversation.
  • Organize a spot where employees can raise their voice freely.
  • Ensure that communications are appropriate and intended to avoid irrelevant contributing to information overload.

5. Play Together

Having fun together stimulate creativity as well as teamwork. Possibly you can increase employee engagement by:

  • Organizing Fun Outings With Employees: Simply plan a day out once every quarter. Take them to a place where they can enjoy happily. Conduct team building games or sports competition to motivate team members to acquire importance of teamwork.
  • End Your Month Happily: On the last day of every month, organize small team get-together. Invite team members to enjoy light snacks, drinks and soft music in any corner of your office. This type of occasions provide the chance to discuss issues related to team.

6. Ask for their Input

Don’t imagine that you are aware of your employees thinking. Always review their performance based on their gathering feedback and input.

Rather than just telling them how they're doing, ask them to also tell you how the organization is doing in fulfilling their requirements. Allow everyone to participate in the innovation and ideation process  to give solutions of the problem.

Employee engagement programs just need a simple start. Small acts of kindness will automatically helps you to improve morale around the working environment.

David Fournier