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Ways to lose - Cremation Diamonds A Unique Way Of Remembering The Dead

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Death is inevitable. No one can escape from it. But, the grief associated with bereavement is perhaps something no one can share. There are several ways one attempts to immortalize the person they love. Keeping one's cremains or cremation ashes in an urn or building memorials are a few ways that people indulge in. There has been a new trend emerging in the form of cremation diamonds and bereaved families around the globe have been into making use of this option to immortalize and preserve the remains of their loved ones forever. What is this concept and how popular has it been growing?

What Are Cremation Diamonds?

Well, from time immemorial, people have been burying their loved ones when they are dead or cremating them as per their religious preferences. However, it has been observed that the practice of burial appears to be on the back burner these days and is being taken over by the practice of cremation.

Once the body of the dead is cremated or buried, there are several techniques evolved that would immortalize your loved ones even after they are gone. Converting the cremation ashes into the glass, a tree or a useful garden have been widely in use. One such new age technique is converting cremation ashes into Diamonds.

How Are Cremation diamonds manufactured?

As you may be aware, diamonds are manufactured using carbon atoms arranged in a rigid matrix. The carbon particles trapped into the earth are transformed into diamonds after years of heating up to around 1050 degree Celsius and compressed at pressures above 700000+ PSI.

The Cremation diamonds also use the same process for manufacturing. The human body contains 18 percent of carbon. The technology involved in manufacturing the cremation diamonds uses the artificially created same environment as in the earth’s interiors for making the diamonds from the cremation ashes to create the artificial diamonds.

Here is a standard process involved in making them. Once the body is cremated, the ashes are sent to the company involved in manufacturing cremation diamonds. After analyzing the ashes, chemicals and impurities are removed and the pure carbon particles are purified in vacuum environments at around 2000 degree Celsius temperatures. The ashes are then placed in a machine specialized for diamond manufacturing. They are subjected to the crystallization process at 60000 bar pressure and 3000 K temperature.

Once the crude diamond has been formed, it can further be customized depending upon the color, shape and the other aspects you would want it to have.

The significance of Cremation Diamonds In Your Life

Well, the loved ones you love so much – when they are gone, they are gone forever. Cremation diamonds can be the best way you can use for making them or their remnants last longer – forever. Also referred to as Memorial diamonds, the cremation diamonds help you keep your loved ones with you forever. Death is something associated with pain, and cremation diamonds can be something that would bring out joy out of this pain, though to some extent.

The actual ashes are preserved all through the process. Of course, the form of the remains of your loved ones may change, but the remnants remain in an indestructible form – forever. The companies involved in the task of manufacturing cremation diamonds insist that the remnants or cremains remain and never eliminated at any stage in the process. The ashes you submitted will continue to be an integral part of the diamond that you would receive. Isn’t that the best way you can keep your loved one with you forever?

Other Positive Implications That The Cremation Diamonds Ensure

Apart from the love and emotions involved in the cremation diamonds, they also have a social implication as well. The burials as part of the traditional environment are quite expensive. Moreover, the world is moving towards cremations as opposed to burials.

The practice of cremation has been catching in many parts of the US, and the experts believe that more than half of the population is likely to move towards cremation instead of burials. Then there are the constraints experienced in terms of Burial space. In cities like London, the burial space is expected to run out by the next 25 years. The problem gets more aggravated in countries where there has been a huge population growth.

That would probably explain why more and more families are moving towards cremating their loved ones and converting the ashes into cremation diamonds. This can indeed serve dual purposes – you get to make savings in terms of the last rites and also immortalize your loved ones in a unique way.

The Concluding Thoughts

Though your religion may have its own restrictions on the practice of cremation, it is evident that the new age societies like those in the US and other developed countries, cremation has been on the verge of a common practice than the burials. We would definitely foresee a growing number of people opting for the cremation practices – more so because of the possibility of keeping the remnants, and memory of their loved ones forever with them.

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