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Brain Teasers To Encourage A Healthy Brain

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A healthy brain is important. Not only does it ensure you can solve everyday problems head on, it could also delay the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia to ensure you enjoy life even in old age.

So, if you feel like your brain could do with a workout, here are some tricky teasers and games to try out to boost your brain and keep it healthy:


You probably don’t consider bingo to be a game that could encourage a healthy brain, but it actually improves your ability to concentrate, multi task and even your hand eye co-ordination as you attempt to dab your numbers quickly enough to shout that all important word and take home the prizes. Playing bingo is a great brain teaser, and you don’t even need to attend a game at a local hall to enjoy it - there are plenty of online bingo sites that allow you to play anytime of day.

Mind games

There are sites dedicated to brain training these days, including the Mind Games website which features puzzle games, math games, memory games and general brain games to boost your cognitive ability and get that grey matter whirring. They’re free to play and are perfect to fit in on a coffee break at work or on the commute home on public transport.

Brain training Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS brain training games, created in collaboration with Dr. Kawashima, are an excellent tool to improve your memory, maths skills and can even improve your vocabulary. The handheld console can be taken with you so you can train that brain on the go. Everyday you can test your ‘brain age’, to see how you’re improving – the lower your age the healthier your brain!


All the rage back in 2007-2009, Sudoku is a puzzle game that originated in Japanfeaturing numbered grids that tests patience, improves memory and stimulates your mind. Games are available in varying difficulty levels, so the more skilled you become the harder it gets. Play the game via a Sudoku app or pick up a puzzle book from your local newsagents.

An article recently published in Forbes believes that brain training works to increase intelligence, but only if those playing believe it will have an effect on their cognitive abilities. However, it’s only logical that if you are practicing maths or playing with words on a daily basis your ability to use these skills will improve, even if it doesn’t boost IQ, so it’s still a good idea to keep playing!

If you want to improve your brain’s health, try out some of these brain teasers, games and puzzles on a regular basis to boost your cognitive ability, memory and problem solving abilities – all of which we use everyday!

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