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Choose the Best Self Service Analytics Solution for your Application

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A self service analytic that is embedded is the most prudent alternative for collaboration with a software organization’s application. Surprised by this statement? Do not be. The procedure of integration is quick and effortless. This especially stands true when fellow BI tools are taken into comparison as self service analytics does the job in a quarter of the duration taken by the aforementioned. Want to know why this is so? Read on to find out.

  • Quick Market Time and Great Deals:

Other analytics alternatives are too complicated for applications and often end up costing more than they are worth. Self service analytics, on the other hand, can be easily integrated with your application in an effortless manner. The time period is as less as one to two months, which is really impressive.

Software centric organisations are more focused on getting their applications approved by experts so that they can get extra time for marketing the same. Integrated analytics visionaries provide integrated capacities which cause them to deliver nine months ahead of their followers which is a lot more than the usual five months. An impressive ROI coupled with this is enough to declare self service analytics as a clear winner.

Moreover, there is over fifty five percent mitigation of the regular sales schedule timing. They are, also, almost three times more to prone to getting bigger and better deals.

  • Relevant Delivery of Analytics:

These integrated self service analytics have the ability to merge with the overall interface of the software and camouflages itself with the pre-existing application. The users do not need to adjust to a new interface as there are no changes to the original one, thanks to the effortless embedding of an OEM alternative. The business flowchart thus observes the delivery of relevant analytics. The users ultimately never get to know that the application they are viewing actually belongs to a third party. This reassures them and promotes greater contentment and ease of use. It has been observed that users of self service analytics are seventy percent more prone to be content with the ease of access of information.

  • Answerability of the Self Service Analytics Forum:

Accessibility of information is what is desired by all in today’s age. Involvement of any sort of third party resources ultimately causes unnecessary delays and, thus, the users do not prefer any such interference. A forum like that of the self service analytics, that provides real time answers and, that too, on time is definitely a favourable solution for the clients of today. Visualizations, reports and a lot more can be created by users in such a platform, which is really convenient for them. The best thing is that all of this happens on an extremely punctual basis.

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of self service analytics and wondering where to avail these services from, your best bet would most definitely be Izenda self service analytics as they provide the best self service analytics solutions.

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