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Choosing the Best Mobile Broadband Dongle This Summer

Wed, Jul. 05, 2017 Posted: 01:21 PM

A mobile dongle is a device which is similar to a modem in terms of size and shape, that provide internet connections through a USB interface. Computers are the commonly devices that are used with this dongle because they have USB ports. If you want to use mobile dongle internet connection in your phone, you must first connect the mobile dongle with a laptop then create a computer connectivity hotspot which will enable the phone to access the internet. An alternative of this method is using a Wi-Fi signal by connecting the mobile dongle with a Wi-Fi router. Mobile dongle is advantageous as it can provide internet connection using both 4G and 3G network. This broadband mobile dongle can be used to provide internet connection from anywhere across the globe and this is an advantage to people attending summer holidays. There are other names which can be used to refer to this mobile dongle though they mean one and the same thing. These names may include; USB modem, internet stick, USB broadband stick and many others.

While choosing the best mobile dongle, you can choose it according to the cost of contracts or the data plan or according to reliability of the device. There are very many mobile dongles and in order to choose the best, you need first to compare several dongles and select the one offering the best deals. A mobile dongle can either be connected with a computer or can be connected with a Wi-Fi signal and one can chose which dongle suits him or her in accordance to data usage plan. If you are planning to connect multiple devices to a single network, a Wi-Fi signal is preferred instead of purchasing mobile dongles for every device.

Mobile dongle can have two plans, a prepay plan which can be preferred because it is cost effective, or a bill pay plan. Bill pay plan is different from a prepay plan in that, in bill plan you can have internet connections for long periods and data usage is unlimited. The charges for bill pay are convenient as you are charged for every megabyte you use. One disadvantage of this plan is that it is prone to additional charges if you exceed the limit of your data plan.

There are several networking companies are providing dongle services all over the continent and this companies include; Vodafone, meteor, 3 among many others. You can choose which company to have a contract with but the best company is the one offering good deals which are cost effective.

Mobile dongle has a lot of advantages over the fixed dongle device because it allows you to access internet while traveling. For instance, travelling for summer holidays or having business trips. In fixed dongle, you can only access internet within a specific broadband. Mobile dongles are small in size and hence they are easy to carry and store. Another fundamental advantage of these mobile dongles is that they do not require any power charging as they use power from the computers connected to it. As long as the computer is connected to a power supply, the dongle will work perfectly. Mobile dongle can also allow you to connect several devices such as phones, laptops and tablets to a single network at a go. This will be effective when the dongle is connected to a Wi-Fi router or having a computer connectivity hotspot.

However, these devices are not good at times and users may prefer to have a fixed dongle instead of a mobile dongle because of some several reasons; 3G connection of a mobile dongle are very slow and cannot be used to perform some tasks such as playing videos online. if one decides to use a 4G network which is faster than 3G, the charges are very expensive and many users cannot afford. Another disadvantage of this device is that, it cannot provide internet connections if there is poor network coverage. Data limits are also low and cannot be used to stream films.

Mobile dongle internet is the best choice for those people who are traveling abroad because the connectivity is perfect. However, the costs are high and one need to do a comprehensive research on data plans to get best deals out of it.

David Fournier