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Creating a Revenue Generating Webinar: What You Need to Do

Mon, May. 22, 2017 Posted: 02:21 PM

Businesses often hit a wall while trying to maximize revenue. However, there is a workaround that will enable you to convert sales easily, while simultaneously building a rapport with your prospects. You’re familiar with this process, but chances are you’ve always believed it to be outdated and overrated. I’m talking about webinars.

Now, you might be wondering why webinars? The answer is simple – they let you interact, educate, and sell prospects on your products or services in a non-spammy and personal way. A webinar allows you to broadcast to many people – delivering value, hitting your income goals, and positioning yourself as an expert – all from the comfort of your chair.

But in order to achieve all that, a solid strategy is necessary, and you can find one below:

Decide Upon a Timely and Actionable Topic

Use a tool like Client Heartbeat or SurveyMonkey to gather feedback. Learn what your potential and existing customers are interested in, and then use the results to decide on the perfect webinar topic. Get the best conversion results by sticking to a topic that is associated with what you’re offering.

Rope in Industry Experts

A live, in-lab study conducted by Nielsen found that 67 percent of buyers were more likely to consider buying a specific product if it was endorsed by an unbiased expert. So, get a seasoned speaker to sway your audience in favor of your business. Explain your webinar’s reach to increase attendance.

Begin your pitch by highlighting the benefits that await the experts. Lure them with the promise of a qualified audience. Experts who’ve written on the subject are often seeking out ways to brush up their speaking skills in a professional, more intimate setting.

Plan Your Marketing Copy

Carefully plan each section of your webinar’s marketing copy since you’ll be using the same on email invites, social marketing, and landing pages. Ensure the title of your webinar clearly explains what attendees are going to get in exchange for their time and attention. Make it as actionable as possible. Create a short description, highlighting a few points that are going to be covered in the webinar. Introduce your guest as one of the finest in the industry.

Host the Webinar Correctly

Ensure the success of your webinar by using the right platform. If there are constant technical problems and delays, then it’s a waste of not just your time and effort, but also your guests’ and attendees’ time. Moreover, it creates a negative impression about your business, and you cannot afford that. Use a powerful webinar hosting solution to create a webinar that is a smashing success.

Develop a Webinar Signup and Registration Page

Use ClickMeeting to host your webinar or create something unique for your business. If the latter option interests you, embed your webinar signup form on your website’s domain to customize it.

  • Include simple yet detailed forms.
  • Allow interested parties to register for CTA.
  • Let users submit their questions for the Q&A segment of the webinar. This way you even make sure they attend later.
  • Mention the date and time of the webinar on the signup page. Include your timezone for any foreign attendees.
  • Provide a few examples of past webinars on the sign up page so users get an idea of what to expect.
  • Use analytics to track signup fields.
  • Direct successful registrations to a confirmation page where you thank them for their participation and also reconfirm the webinar’s date and time. Include an option for users to add the webinar to their Google or Outlook calendar.
  • Send email notifications to registered users before the webinar, reminding them about the event.

Generate Interest in Your Webinar Through Email

Based on the results of the 2012 BrightTALK study, email is the most effective channel for the promotion of a webinar. 58 to 64 percent of people attending webinars do so because of direct invites and emails.

Use either a tool like bee to design the perfect webinar invite email, or do it yourself using the following points:

  • Create a short yet interesting subject line. Make sure it explains the subject of the webinar.
  • Keep the body copy concise yet informative. List all the reasons why your webinar is worth attending.
  • Always include the CTA (call-to-action) link to your registration landing page, and make sure it is clearly visible.

Send Out Invitations to the Webinar on the Right Day

According to a report published by bizibl marketing, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – the middle of the week – is the ideal time to send out webinar invites. While Monday is still acceptable, Friday should be last on your list as people are the more interested in wrapping up for the weekend. Never send promotional email over the weekend since people are less likely to check their inbox and respond.

Follow the steps mentioned above to ensure a successful webinar – one that attracts a quality audience and impresses them enough to convert them, increasing your revenue in the process.

David Fournier