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How SMBs Can Get More Out of Webinars

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According toSmall Business Administration (SBA), small businesses make up 99 percent of employer firms in the US. But very few of them achieve what all of them strive for – a loyal base of clients, and a bottom line that keeps both you and your employees happy.

This requires an SMB to constantly add new customers to its roster, and contend with various challenges, like nurturing strong leads, a healthy pipeline, and closing sales.

Moreover, SMBs have limited time and resources, which means that they need all the help they can get. And one of the most unlikely sources of such “help” comes in the form of webinars.

Webinars make it possible for an SMB to create a niche in the competitive industry, increase their leads, and add to their revenue.

However, a random webinar program will never yield the results you want. You need to employ a proper strategy if you want to get more out of your webinars. These are discussed in more detail below.

Improve Accessibility and Exposure

Now, it’s no surprise that SMBs do not have the staff or the training to master the art of webinars. Thus, easy implementation of the webinar is a must.

Nowadays, webinars are completely web-based, which provides mobile access to an audience of thousands from any digital device and location, and numerous interactive modes and rich-media capabilities.

Create your slideshow presentation using a webinar platform like ClickMeeting, and present it live or simu-live. Record the session so that you can later make it available on demand for other interested parties.

Increase the Credibility of Your Business

Use webinars to establish your online credibility quickly and easily. The reason why webinars trump other forms of promotion is because they make you an authority on a particular topic, and add a level of exclusivity to your business.

When you host a webinar, people hear and see you directly instead of reading what you wrote. Not only does this foster a better connection, but it also helps build trust. A webinar can help an SMB foster strong relationships with audience members and increase its credibility through interaction and engagement.

Share Your Expertise

Conducting a webinar helps you educate your audience about your business and what it is you do. Make sure your webinar focuses on educating your audience.

Once it ends, your attendees should leave with something tangible and valuable. Bear in mind that you are not springing for an infomercial; it’s a webinar, so play up the stronger points of your business and anticipate the questions that audience members always wanted to ask you but never got the opportunity before.

Boost Your Brand Promotion Efforts

Webinars allow you to promote your business and increase your scope. The best part is, you’re in control at all times.

This is unlike a guest post where you’ve first got to wait for it to be accepted; here, you dictate how and when you want to deliver content to the audience.

For example, launching a new service or product via webinar is a better way to generate interest from users and gauge their reactions.

Make Your Business More User-Friendly

Users always want to connect with the brand they will be availing services or products from; but unfortunately, most companies opt for a formal approach, which makes interaction difficult.

However, a webinar allows your business to loosen up and connect with audiences the way they want you to. As a result, you manage to broaden your reach. You can also reach a larger audience through webinars, which means more customers.

According to Neil Patel, webinars are extremely effective at converting subscribers and traffic into actual buyers. Even mediocre webinars enable an SMB to convert 5 percent of viewers to customers.

Witness a Growth in Lead Generation

According to the2012 Tech Marketing Planning Guidance from Forrester, webinars are the best form of lead generation for businesses. 51 percent of marketers reported an increase in their lead generation capabilities thanks to webinars.

This sort of growth is unprecedented, and webinars help your list of potential leads to increase considerably. Increasing your list and fostering relationships with suitable clients, also helps you understand how best to serve them. It also provides an opportunity to segment your list.

So, from the points mentioned above, it becomes abundantly clear that webinars should become a mainstay in the sales and marketing strategy of any SMB. Not only are they cost-efficient and easy to produce, but they allow you to reach a huge audience without any additional effort.

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