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How to maintain proper hygiene while holidaying abroad

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It is tough to maintain proper hygiene while you are on the road covered in dust and grime with only old roadside motels for accommodation. Discussed below are some simple yet practical tips that keep you safe and healthy while holidaying around.

Always Carry Your Own Water

You can never be entirely sure of the sanitation of the local tap water in areas you are traveling. Drinking contaminated water is the easiest way to catch deadly infections and other water-borne diseases. Therefore it is best that you avoid drinking the water served in local restaurants or roadside eating joints (even cold drinks, juice, and ice). Carry your own water bottle instead.

Take Your First-Aid Kit

Staying in a remote unknown area can be quite exciting for a traveler who loves exploring new places. However, amidst all the frolic and fun tourists often miss out a tiny but significant detail, their safety, and health. A first-aid kit is an indispensable part of your carry bag. From fresh band-aids to natural pills and other medications, the first-aid kit has got you covered for any untoward situation. Always be prepared for emergencies, you never know when you will fall sick.

Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites

Visiting a tropical country or a hot and humid location is all rainbows and sunshine until you have to deal with the local pests. Mosquitoes, moths, flies, cockroaches, mice- pests are a nightmare! Moreover, these creatures are often carriers of germs and bacteria dangerous for your health. Sleep inside a mosquito net and keep a bug spray or a tube of insect repellent handy.

Keep A Sanitizer

Camping, trekking, hiking or road trips often stretch for days at end. Moreover, while being close to Mother Nature is liberating, you have to give up on the everyday luxuries of city life. You will not get fresh water, good quality soap or proper cleansing products in a remote jungle. Even in community places such as hostels, movie halls, hospitals, and casinos, you’ve got to be concerned about what you touch. Carrying a hand sanitizer is one of the life-saving hacks that can make your trip so much easier.

Beware of food contamination

Food poisoning (or Traveller’s diarrhoea) is by far the most common reason why travelers fall sick in a foreign land. An upset stomach not only ruins your entire trip but also can pose serious medical concerns in the future. Try eating at restaurants that serve organic, freshly cooked food. Also, look around the place and evaluate the cleanliness before you dig in.

Trips to the beach or a picnic in the countryside, vacations are happy times indeed. However, going out on trips is all fun and games until you sit down and meticulously plan it. There are so many things that you have to look after, the budget, the food, decent lodgings, water, luggage - everything has to be perfect. This holiday season protect your family from the dangers unhygienic traveling; it is better to be safe than sorry.

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