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How We Can All Work to Combat the Rise of Depression in the US

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Depression is an issue that is hitting more people than ever before. Currently, depression is rising in the US, with an increasing number of patients currently taking medication or attending counselling and therapy in order to combat this health issue. But, depression is a problem that often goes unchecked, and a lack of help and support for mental health, not enough education for regular people on the subject and of course the stigma that has surrounded mental health issues such as depression for centuries are all factors that are contributing to the current situation. So, what can we do as individuals and US citizens to help alleviate the rising problem of depression?

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Raising Awareness

Raising awareness of mental health and getting people talking about these issues is an important step in creating a community where suffering from a mental health problem such as depression will never be looked down upon. Sadly, today, there is still very little education about mental health provided to children in schools, and mental health problems simply aren’t talked about that often by people who aren’t dealing with them personally. Even people who do suffer often feel that they can’t talk about it as they won’t be understood. Raising awareness at your place of work or study can be a fun way to get involved in a good cause and help to improve the current mental health situation.

Increase Mental Health Professionals

Currently, the number of mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses and counselors is at an all-time low, making the situation even more difficult for those who are trying to get professional, medical help with their mental health. Although anti-depressants can be provided to you by your doctor, many people who suffer from issues such as depression will need a talking therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling in order to truly overcome this terrible disease. Encouraging more young people to train as mental health professionals by creating more awareness of mental health in schools and colleges will be hugely influential in improving the situation regarding mental health help and support in the future.


One of the main reasons why nothing seems to be changing when it comes to the situation regarding depression and other mental health issues in the US is that many people who suffer from these conditions feel that they do not have a voice. Issues with health insurance, which often does not cover treatments such as therapy or cover ongoing treatments for support during recovery, can make it more and more difficult for those in need to access the right medical support for their mental health. In order to improve the situation, it’s important for all organizations and individuals who work in mental health to ensure that they listen to what it is that the patients need in order to improve their own personal situations.

The number of people suffering from depression in the US is at a high, but there seems to be little being done to combat it. These are just some of the things that we can all do to help beat depression and mental health issues.

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