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It Is Not At All Tough To Sell Text Books Online

Thu, Apr. 06, 2017 Posted: 11:59 AM

For all those who do not really know what is to be done with the old text books, there is a fine solution for them. You must be having pile of them? Do you know that you can sell text book online? Yes it is so simple. Instead of dumping them in store room or stacking them on the shelves you can directly sell them online. The newest process of selling them of online is certainly a wise decision and you can even buy new books from the money that you get from the amount that you get selling the old books out.

How to go about it?

  1. First you have to identify the sites which cater to this type of services and then get in touch with them. You have got to tell them clearly how many books you have and the subjects or what all are the text books that you want to sell. They generally ask you about the subjects and the classes those books are for. You can even get the service online with sell textbooks on Booksrun.
  2. The next thing that you have to do is that jot down all the name of the books. The sites who are going to buy them ask are the barcode which are there on the back cover and list them and then you send a mail to them.
  3. After this you have to pack them up and send them across to them through a trusted courier service, all free of cost.
  4. Once they receive the books they match them with the list that you have sent them. Immediately they evaluate the books and they make a total and sent it over to them. If you agree with the value they have given, then you can get back to them and go ahead with the deal.
  5. If you are not ok with them, then you have to negotiate with them and finally settle on the deal. Once it is settled you will just have to wait for day till they send you the payment. This is the normal procedure and this payment terms might as well vary with others who are there in this trade.

Apart from this if you are a writer and you want to sell those text books online then all you do is get them printed yourself if you do not want any publishers to get into it. Then find some sites who buy text materials. You have got to follow the same procedure. Make a list, jot down the barcodes and sent them to them, similarly they get an evaluation. If you agree go ahead and if not you can negotiate. Then it is all, you pack them, send it free of cost. After that all you get to do is for the payment.

So why keep old books stacked? If you have them you can get rid of them by selling them of online.

David Fournier