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Make It Your Business to Care

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When potential entrepreneurs make their business plans, most of them aren’t necessarily thinking of how much money they will make or the strength of their revenues. Everyone who starts a business does take financial issues into consideration, but most businesses, particularly successful ones, start with a larger vision. When marketing a product or a service, your company is focused on how it is going to impact lives and fill a growing need. In addition to thinking of the bottom line or the product, it is a good idea to focus on making a difference.

Cross-Promotion With Charities
Businesses and causes have one thing in common—they both need marketing to achieve their goals. Companies large and small partner with charities as a way of doing good for society and to promote their brand. Your company could pledge that a certain percentage of proceeds goes to fund a popular charity, and promote the cause on your social media page and in your advertising. The charity. in turn. will have your logo on its website and at its charitable event, which will give your brand more exposure. This is an example of how being involved in charitable activities makes good business sense.

How Businesses Can Make a Difference

In the 90s, Bill Gates seemed focused on mainly creating the best technology and the highest quality products on the market. Since leaving Microsoft, he has started the Bill Gates Foundation that funds projects around the globe that can improve the lives of entire societies. The Don Burns Foundation is another organization that uses business know-how to create solutions to complex problems and promote worthy causes. You don’t have to have a large company or be a millionaire or a billionaire to help your company get involved in creating productive solutions.

Pursue Team Building Through Charitable Work

Once in awhile, it is a good idea to get your employees and managers together in non-work related activities to build a sense of teamwork and cooperation. Many companies decide to take trips, sushi-making workshops or laughter yoga as a way of bonding and building the team dynamic. Participating in a volunteer activity, such as building houses for the homeless or a fun run for charity is a way of helping the members of your team get to know each other, work with each other in a more relaxed setting and get involved in a good cause.

Another reason team building through volunteer and charitable work is beneficial for your company is that it can reduce stress. Many employers are finding ways of helping their staff work more efficiently and find that stress can interfere with optimal performance. This is the reason why a number of businesses may provide gym membership discounts to employees. Volunteer work has been shown to reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being among participants. In addition, the number of positive experiences shared by co-workers outside of the office context can help build friendship and a feeling of goodwill among employees.

Offer Free Services to a Worthy Cause

If you run a construction company, you may decide to build a few homes at a discount for low-income families. Food companies can donate extra food to food pantries or soup kitchens. Law firms earn respect for pro-bono services and social advocacy. Your medical practice can be involved in organizations that provide care on a global scale such as Doctors Without Borders. Getting involved in causes at various levels can improve the profile of your company and associate your brand with issues that your customers are concerned about and support themselves.

Make Community Improvements

If there is a small area around your company headquarters that is run-down and needs a touch-up, you may consider refurbishing it into a small part, or at least an area with a few benches, sculptures and places people can relax and enjoy the view. If you have shops around the area, you can even improve the traffic to your stores by having areas prospective customers can sit while shopping. Making these improvements can enhance your reputation and is also good for business, since it brings more people in contact with your name and provides reasons for people to sit close to your stores.

Building Connections

Recent graduates who work on internships aim to expand their resume and make new contacts. Being involved with philanthropy can expand your connections that are beneficial in the long or short-term. When you work together with an organization on a common cause, an affiliation is built that can be carried over into other projects or pursuits. As a business owner, it can’t hurt to make more positive connections.<

Be Better By Doing Good

Concentrating on running your business may take up a good deal of your time, but it is worthwhile to think about the essence of your brand and your vision. Ultimately, you want to create something that will enhance the lives of others. That is true in charity, business, and life.

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