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Running Tips: Essential Workout Gear for Marathon

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Running is one sport that doesn’t require much equipment; however, a marathon is the only exception. Running for over two hours straight can be a strenuous task. Usually, runner packs the necessary item when going out for a typical workout. But as the miles escalate you need to carry some extra running gear as well to keep yourself comfortable and steady on the track. Mentioned below is the detailed list of all the essential running gear that you would possibly need while preparing for the upcoming marathon:

Running shoes

The first and foremost thing that you need to purchase is a new pair of running shoes. Choose a pair that fits you snugly without being too tight or uncomfortable around the ankles and toes. Also, ensure that the shoes complement your running style and support the natural movement of the body rather than hinder it.

Running socks

Now that you have got yourself a new pair of shoes, it is only obvious that the next item on our list will be a set of sports socks. There are special socks made just for runners that absorb more sweat and are far more durable than the ones you usually find. The material of the socks keeps the moisture away from your foot so as to reduce the risk of blisters and any bacterial infection.

Storage belts 

A storage belt is something specially designed for the convenience of runners who are practicing for the marathon. It can be worn around the waist and features a lot of pockets and storage spaces for keeping the essential items such as water, sweat towels, electrolyte packets and other things safely inside.

Sunglasses or hat

Running long hours under the sun can leave you dehydrated and weak. Wear sunglasses, hats or apply some sunscreen to protect your body from the harmful rays of the scorching sun. Sports gels and beans are another way to keep your body energized and battle exhaustion.

Sweat wicking clothes

You cannot run a marathon wearing just about any track suit and a sweatshirt. The racing suit is made of unique sweat wick fabric that quickly absorbs the moisture, leaving your body dry and comfortable even after a long running session. Also, ensure that the clothing you purchase fits you perfectly as lose clothes might be a hindrance while high running suit can be difficult to breathe in.

Chafing sticks

When you are running on the field for hours at a stretch, it is only natural that you will be sweating like a pig at the end of it. This perspiration in the armpits, thighs, calves and the ribcage area results in an unpleasant odor. However that is not all, the moisture accumulated in and around the corners of the body can cause a lot of infections and diseases if left unchecked for long. Deodorants and chafing sticks absorb the sweat and keep the moisture away from the body.

Preparing for a marathon can be a tough job, thankfully with these running tools and equipment, you can give your best for the upcoming marathon.

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