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The Rising Demand For Ethical Hackers In Both Commercial And Government Sectors

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With emerging threats, companies, both commercial and government sectors are equally seeking professional certified ethical hackers to protect information critical to their system and organization from external breach. There has been a huge popularity for ethical hackers who can break into any system, secure the operations, and provide them with further security options. Ethical hackers are certified white hat hackers who hack into systems legally and under strict protocols with one objective. The objective of ethical hacking is to secure and encrypt the system from malicious attacks of Trojans, worms, virus, phishing attacks etc. Ethical hackers use cryptographic and encryption techniques such as penetration method and vulnerability testing to get an idea of the integrity of the information.

The rising demand for ethical hacking practices and practitioners:

According to NASSCOM, India itself is in need of at least a million skilled ethical hackers for cyber security operations. This has been due to the increasing risk of cybercrimes in the country and governmental establishments. One can become an ethical hacker with the help of a brief certified ethical hacking course from any authorized training centers. These courses prepare you with a further knowledge in the Information security laws and protocols, different standards, types of cyber-attacks, footprinting methodology, footprinting penetration tests, TCP/IP communication, hijacking, SQL injection, Mobile attack, IDS, firewalls and honeypots, cryptography and encryption.

Why is there a rise in the demand for ethical hackers?

The concept of ethical hacking is still not developed as it has been in countries like UK and USA. Though, most government organizations are skeptical and reluctant to hire ethical hackers, the demand is huge in sectors like finance, banking and retail. Ethical hackers not only invade and analyze security prospective; they are also certified consultants of various security frameworks. India is a home to skilled and intelligent engineers whose technical shrewdness has the right amount of passion to grow into this field. This course requires the basic understanding of different languages, hardware, applications and software. There is an increased demand for the right talent in the country.

The importance of ethical hacking courses and certifications:

A course in ethical hacking is more important that self-taught ethical hacking. Hackers are advanced techies who are constantly finding just one flaw in the entire array of system to breach in. On the other hand, an ethical hacker has to deal with a huge stack of tech to encrypt and secure. This is the reason the country is dedicating itself into building institutes where one can learn soft skills to efficiently fight cybercrime attacks and help the organizations from third party breach. The private sectors have also joined hand in establishing cyber institutes.

2017 is the year of automation and with the Digital India campaign, there is going to be a big proliferation of Information Technology infrastructure. Leading MNCs, government and public sectors are consulting and hiring ethical hackers for their cyber security. Therefore, ethical hackers are going to be in huge demand and have bright future prospects. However, encouragement and recognition are important for ethical hackers as they hold an important part of the Cyber security organizations. With the growing targeted attacks like the current Ransom ware, ethical hackers are the hope for a secured digital world.

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