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Why is Workplace Wellness Important For All of Us

Wed, Aug. 16, 2017 Posted: 01:03 PM

Workforce health affects more than just medical costs. A healthy worker is a more productive worker. Unhealthy lifestyle choices may cause chronic diseases influencing businesses with lost productivity. This means that healthier behaviors on worksite can really pay off.

Workplace wellness programs can be used to develop and support healthy behaviors, bringing benefits to the employer, the employee and to the community. Let’s have a look at some reasons which clearly defines that why workplace wellness is more important than ever.

1- Helps in Reducing Absenteeism

Workplaces with inclusive wellness can experience reduced absenteeism for various reasons described below:

  • Employees with good health behaviors have lesser absenteeism.
  • Workers who can restraint their stress have lower absenteeism.
  • Staff with normal cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose have decreased absenteeism.
  • Employees who are not overweight or obese have reduced absenteeism.

As workplace wellness can reduce absenteeism ultimately leading to cost savings. Harvard economist looked at the ROI of wellness programs and determined that for every dollar wellness programs spend on wellness they can save $3 and lower absenteeism.

Workplace wellness eventually makes employee health better and this can have an effect on whether or not individuals are off from work. Another important reason for such a huge impact of worksite wellness on absenteeism is that employees with high morale are less likely to be absent from work.

2- A Higher Level of Awareness is Essential to Success

Americans are becoming more and more health conscious. But due to longer working days, higher stress and constant multitasking it is hard to find the time to act on wellness goals.

Developing an on-site wellness program is essential because the majority of workers time is spent at the workplace. You can even take help of a free online health and wellness newsletter to help employees step forward towards better health.

3- Useful to Attract Talented Workers

An organization that takes care of the employee's health will ultimately attract talented workers. These workers are no longer after money as they have understood the fact that there has to be a balance between work and personal life to have a good state of mind as well as be content with what they are doing.

Services like Doctor on Demand permits workers to video chat with a physician in real time. Moreover, healthy food stock in the company fridge and memberships of local gyms reduce your healthcare costs. It also help you retain your most valuable talent and enable them do their best work for years to come.

Invest in employee health show employees you care about their long-term well-being and earn their loyalty and job satisfaction. The workers need to be happy in an organisation to remain working with it as they can advertise how good care is taken of everyone who is a part of it.

4- Improve Focus

You need to have the right concentration or focus towards your work in order to get good outcomes. That can only be achieved with a healthy stress-free mind.

Wellness offer you to alleviate yourself from the tension and pressure that you are facing by different activities. Wellness benefits provided on worksite gives you a break from your work and enables you to practice regularly so that you can work with full focus even in a stressed out environment. A 100% input is what every organization demands as it leads to 100% output.

When we really think about what needs to take place, it looks quite straightforward. However, the challenge lies in the attainment. Behavior modification varies from person to person and takes enough time.

Possibly you can achieve that with support of various programs, strong leadership, multiple touch points and purposeful commitment. Both the employees as well as employers need to think differently about workplace wellness in order to create healthier environment. Both parties need to be involved to share this common vision.

David Fournier