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Why Marketing Automation Should be a Part of Your Email Strategy

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For anybody thinking about market automation as an enabler for email marketing, a good starting point is to understand what it's all about. Traditional email marketing is about sending out marketing messages to a database of qualified contacts as part of a communication strategy. However, email marketing lacks the punch of personalization, which significantly reduces the effectiveness and conversion ratios of your campaigns.

This is where marketing automation comes in, and brings in intelligent automation of email messaging based on your business goals, the profile of the recipient and with an if-else type response mechanism that helps you sit back as your email marketing hits the auto pilot mode. The next big question - why make marketing automation a part of your email marketing function? Here are the top reasons.

Lead nurturing and marketing at a fraction of the cost

You can reduce your business' sales and marketing department's future employee requirement by adopting marketing automation. By setting up advanced lead nurturing and emailing campaigns over a few months, you can create a fully automated emailing system where hundreds of targeted emails are sent every day to qualified leads. Even with a single digit conversion ratio, you will get more leads, sales queries, subscriptions, and sales than what your best salesman can manage over a week. From a purely long term expense saving standpoint, marketing automation for email marketing is the way forward for staff intensive businesses.

Increased average deal size with cross selling and up selling

Marketing automation tools are sophisticated enough to take up intelligent cross selling and up selling activities. By definition criteria for cross and up selling, providing the email body, defining personalization parameters, your email marketing machinery can be transformed into a self-managed decision making and action mechanism. By enabling prioritization of sales prospects, setting up follow up email campaigns, and fine tuning the cross and up selling decision making every quarter, you can start experiencing higher deal sizes and increased number of sales and subscriptions.

Shifting focus from operations to innovation

You'd rather spend time on making your email newsletter's content richer than shooting emails to hundreds of new prospects. Marketing automation frees up time for you as well as your marketing staff to innovate on value adding aspects of email marketing as opposed to manual labour. This paves the way towards a continuous improvement approach that helps you make your email marketing more sophisticated, highly personalized, goal oriented, and forward looking.

Beyond Email

The best part about marketing automation is that it enables multi-channel targeting of leads, across communication media like email, text, tweet, call, postcard, and more. Sophisticated marketing automation tools help you integrate all your non email communication with the email marketing engine, thus building synergies and driving positive outcomes like nothing else.

Marketing automation for your email marketing is like nitro boost for your motorbike. It helps you get more done in lesser time, with smaller teams, and paves the way for marketing innovation!

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