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Why You Need a Good Online Presence and How to Build It

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Creating and maintaining a good online presence is a must in today’s internet age. Almost everything you’re trying to accomplish offline will be influenced by your online presence one way or another. Your online presence includes your social media page, your website or blog, and everything you do online. There are 3 main reasons why you need a good online presence.

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It Says a Lot About You

When you apply for a job, chances are the recruiters search your full name on Google Search at some point. Whatever they see in return will greatly influence the decision to hire you. You may have forgotten about that rant you wrote about your former employer, but the internet never forgets.

Your online presence says a lot about you. The way you maintain your online presence will definitely influence your life. For businesses, a good online presence means good reputation; good reputation means more business.

The influence can be positive too. When you have a lot of gorgeous pictures of your neighborhood on Instagram, for example, may land you that photographer job you have always wanted.

It’s a Good Way to Promote Yourself (and Your Products)

If you want to sell professional services, a website is something you must have. You don’t have to make it yourself, but you will need the site to look professional and to be very easy to use. You can set up a website quickly and effectively by working with a local web designer, such as a website design Melbourne company when you’re based in or near the area.

Once the site is live, you can then do more to promote yourself. Write blog posts about the industry you are in. it can be a tutorial on how to arrange flowers or a simple guide to better time management. You can even write motivational articles to help others.

As others read this article, they will notice your expertise in the field. Combined with the power of social media, you can develop your credibility as an expert without hassle. At this point, simple Facebook conversation could turn into a business opportunity.

How do I build my online presence?

Building an online presence, whether you’re a person/professional or a business, isn’t difficult at all. As mentioned in the previous part, one of the first things you need to do when building an online presence is to set up a website. There are free blogging platforms and online web builders that can help you get started, although a well-designed, self-hosted site is often more effective.

You also need to set up social media pages. Try to get the same handle or user ID on the top social networks. If possible, you should also match the user ID with your domain name. This is perfect for branding and will make it easier for others to find you online.

Last but certainly not least, show what you can do. Write great content, connect with others, and don’t hesitate to share your knowledge with other users. Soon, you’ll be attracting a lot of visitors and building a strong reputation for yourself

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