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2 Million Children Involved in Sex Trafficking Annually

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The Daily Beast has reported, "For the first time, the State Department on Wednesday declared China and Russia among the worst offending countries on human trafficking, a designation that will lead to sanctions against both countries."

This government action follows the efforts of numerous Christians working together to get the federal government to take a stand on this issue.

Christians are among the leaders in opposing sex trafficking around the world. Groups like Compassion International (responsible for the following infographic) provide shelter for the victims and help them heal emotionally.

This infographic reveals some tragic statics such as:

  • "A child prostitute can serve up to 1,500 clients a year."
  •  "Every year, child sex tourism victimizes about 2 million children."

There are several ways that you can help fight sex trafficking:

  • Donate to an organization that provides housing or counseling for these victims.
  • Pray for the victims to be set free and experience the grace of God at work in their lives.
  • Pray for the people paying for sex to repent of this sin and to stop this practice
  • Pray for the people kidnapping these girls to be brought to justice.

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