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Adapting Business Web Design for Churches and Ministries

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Since launching my first website in 1997 I have seen numerous internet fads come and go. Originally most websites were hand coded. Eventually blogging software was developed for automated web publishing.

My humble beginning in web development led to a career working on Christian media sites. I have evaluated site logs to see how many visitors are checking out the site, what web pages are seen the most, and what keywords are used in search engines to find the website.

The same pattern of trying to determine what web features are most productive has been studied by numerous web developers and marketers.

The web development company GO-Globe studied the websites of Fortune 500 companies and produced this infographic to show common characteristics of successful company websites.

The infographic reports that "27% of logos include a tagline or a slogan." Does your church or ministry website feature a slogan? How would you charactize your ministry in one sentence?

Web Design Trends of Fortune 500 Companies

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