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April is Digital Outreach Month and Internet Evangelism Day is April 21st. So how can Christians be more effective in sharing the gospel online? By learning more about SEO - search engine optimization.

By developing content (articles, photos and videos) that rank high in search engines, more people will come to our websites to see what we have to say.

The following infographic by Adept Marketing lists 17 types of content of which some are rarely used by churches.

Has your church or ministry ever hosted a webinar (online seminar)? Perhaps there are people in your church or ministry with unique life experiences or educational backgrounds and could share their knowledge online.

Has your church broadcast a funeral service online? There might be people unable to attend but could watch online - and they might be open to the gospel if it is presented at this time.

After posting your articles, videos and pictures online, then it is time to share them via social media. Throughout the month of April various CP blogs will be sharing numerous tips on search engine optimzation and how you can make a difference by participating in Internet Evangelism Day and Digital Outreach Month.

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