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12/11/12 at 04:13 PM 2 Comments

Creationism vs Darwinism in Science Education (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Bias in the news is easier to spot when you have carefully examined both sides of the issue or read publications that represent the opposing sides.

For example, this infographic presents dated survey results from 2008 regarding how creationism and darwinism are taught and includes some biased information. Probably not much has changed during this time in how evolution is presented in most private and public schools in America.

I appreciate the title of this infographic: Creationism vs Darwinism in Education. Notice that it didn't read "Creationism vs Evolution" which is how this debate is often described. Instead both viewpoints have "ism" attached to their names signifying that they are ideological.

Section I part 2 represents four different viewpoints. One viewpoint left out is theistic evolution which is the idea that God created life through evolutionary processes.

In section III Texas is listed with an unsatisfactory rating for its allowing a critique of evolution. Perhaps opposition to academic freedom and an unwillingness to criticize flaws in evolutionary dogma should be "unsatisfactory."

For years evolutionists have claimed that junk DNA was evidence for darwinism. Now the evidence has become overwhelming that "junk DNA" is not junk -- only the purposes for this DNA were previously unknown.

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