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Nicaragua: Where the Streets Have no Name

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The band U2 recorded the song Where the Streets Have no Name on its famous album The Joshua Tree. There is such a place with nameless streets: Nicaragua.

VianNica explains:

Instead of street names or numbers Nicaraguans use reference points from where they start describing a certain address. There are many known buildings, companies, churches, or other reference points, which are used to get a general idea where something is located. The next step is to state how many blocks away the particular address lies from the reference point.

While nameless streets create some challenges for the people of Nicaragua, there are greater problems such as rampant poverty. This infographic from Compassion International explains, "75% of of the population lives on less than $2 a day." Also a third of the children live with malnutrition.

Compassion International and other relief organizations fight poverty here through child sponsorship.

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