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Posted 9/15/16 at 2:20 PM | Caleb Dexter

Finding Faith

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“I don’t know.”

“I will never know.”

“Perhaps I am lost.”

“Perhaps I have fallen.”

These are the words of a German doctor, Mr. Winston. He had found himself in a depressiveness that lasted four years after a considerably terrible mistake. Mr. Winston was viewed as a great man with many friends and fantastic wealth and a man of faith. He was a strong example of a Christian. He attended church every Sunday, loved all people, fed the homeless, and did all he could to be a splitting image of the teachings of Christ. Upon an unfortunate turn of events in which he created, Winston lost his confidence for his devoted spiritual path. He felt hopeless and lost. He went throughout the days in mourn for how gravely he disappointed God. Winston still gathered amongst the congregation, but no matter how fine the service would go or how many private sessions he booked with the pastor, he would always be met by a sense of failure as he beset his spirit with gloom. His spark of hope was no more. It is amazing how much a downfall can consume one’s internal being. It is amazing the days one can spend pondering on what could have been done correctly, and how much they long for a chance to do it over again. FULL POST

Posted 12/18/14 at 12:15 AM | Caleb Dexter

How to Get Back On Your Spiritual Path In 4 Days

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When it comes to our spiritual wellness, dedication to such a path becomes complicated. We can go days, even months without connecting to our source of life (God), yet the guiltiness clouds our minds each day. Most of the time, our biggest concern is how long it will take to return to that path. Now there is a better way to do that in 4 days:

Day 1: Transform Your Mind

You want to first change your way of thinking and understand the guiltiness that you feel does not exist. It is simply the fear of God's disappointment, which only leads to straying away from Him. A simple method to conquering this way of thinking is by partaking in spiritual activities that talk about this topic such as reading bible verses or listening to sermons. This helps you to feel the excitement of your spiritual path and start again. Show your source of life that you're fired up to connect with Him! FULL POST