Making Cents with Money
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The importance of...

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I received an email that made me re-focus on the question, "why is learning about money important to kids?" I realized everyone, including me, gets caught up in the lie that kids only need to know about money as it relates to allowance, spending, saving etc. As I looked at some resources on the internet God impressed on me a realization, every single interaction we have with the world involves some type of money.

Money is not just cash as we think of today. Money or mammon in the Old Testament was any and every possession, not just gold or silver. Try to think of a single incident in our daily life where we do not use some type of possession to interact with others. When we wake up we get out of a bed, we have clothing on our bodies (hopefully), we get food to eat, we shower, we get in a vehicle or pay to ride public transportation to the destination where we make the money to pay for everything we have!

The church is not in this type of mindset. If every interaction or action we make utilizes some possession, does this include every action I take for God? Absolutely! I realized the reason for the Bible having over 2300 references to money is because we cannot escape the effect it has on our lives. In order to fulfill our greatest commission, go and make disciples of all nations, we are forced to use money and/or possessions.

If we do not have a Biblical perspective on money/possessions, how can we be minimally effective let alone achieve maximum effectiveness for God?

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