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8/9/13 at 05:05 PM 1 Comments

California Continues to Lead the Nation into the Abyss

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Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, needs to be sued for child abuse, along with the state legislators who have voted for an iniquitous law.

Let me explain.

Fox News has reported that Governor Brown is about to sign a bill that permits schoolchildren (as young as kindergarten) to choose whether to use a boys or girls restroom based on their gender preference.

But the law doesn’t stop with bathrooms. It also extends to athletic locker rooms where children could choose to shower with either boys or girls. What a travesty to confuse kids about their own sexuality more than they already are!

This is an important issue that belongs in the home. And taking it away from the parents and placing it into the hands of government is a giant leap into the abyss of child abuse.

Child abuse doesn’t only occur when adults physically harm children. It also occurs when children are egged on to harm their psyche by experimenting with things that are way beyond their years. That is a brainwashing operation worthy of the former Soviet Union. In the long run, that type of brainwashing can be far more harmful than political indoctrination.

All men and women of goodwill should not only feel deep pain about this law, they should rise up against it. Those of goodwill in California should rise up and demand the recall of the governor and those who voted for such an abhorrent law—a law that could mean the annihilation of childhood.

The homosexual lobby knows that they represent less than 4 percent of the American population. So they have resorted to a new, despicable low of attempting to recruit five-year-olds. For children who often don’t know who they are until their late teens, to give them a choice of whom to shower with is beyond the pale of human decency.

If the good people of California do not demand the retraction of this abusive, immoral law, they will regret it for eternity.

I, for one, commit to do all I can to stir up the conscience of honorable people, as well as religious leaders in California, to lead this charge.

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