Christianity in Today's America
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Can There Be a Christian Nation?

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Recently I was challenged by a dear friend over the use of the phrase "Christian nation." His question was: "How can you say America is a Christian Nation?" "How can a country be Christian?"

In many ways he is right. A country, or even a culture, cannot be Christian - only individuals can be Christians. When people speak of America's Christian heritage, they are often referring to the moral nature of our nation that is reflected in its laws and ordinances - both of which bear the distinct markings of Christianity.

Make no mistake about it: the moral character of a nation as expressed in its policies and laws can evoke God's response. I don't mean that God would send fire and brimstone from Heaven in response to a nation's embrace of ungodly laws and policies. On the other hand, He can and will withdraw His protective shield from any nation that once declared Him as Lord, but then became rebellious and an immoral affront to Him.

After September 11, our nation appeared to go through a soul-searching process. People began to ask, "Are we protected by God anymore?" Superficially, the nation entered into a spiritual revival. Members of Congress from both parties stood on the steps of the Capitol and sang "God Bless America." But that repentance was cheap and short-lived. It was merely a reaction emanating from fear. In other words, the "revival" was birthed from fear of the unknown and worry that our country was no longer safe.

We can read in Scripture how many times Israel went through the motions of repentance and renewal-mostly in times of crisis-only to discover the shallowness of that repentance as we saw following September 11.

Let me be absolutely clear, America is not "the new Israel" but the lessons we learn from Israel of old, can be of immense importance.

Pastors in pulpits across America are declaring that we are now entering another cycle of God's patient attempts to get our nation's attention. We are being made aware once again of His desire for this generation of Americans to return to Him and to the faith of our Founding Fathers.

As believers, we should know and believe that God desires for our leaders and judges to repent of their shedding the blood of the unborn. A loving heavenly Father is waiting for them to repent of their blessing and sanctioning of the sins that are abominations to Him.

God desires for His children to repent from the spirit of materialism and placing all of our hope in possessions.

He desires for His people to stop serving Him in a half-hearted manner. He longs for His people to hunger and thirst for righteousness and not for ease and comfort. He continuously calls us to Himself.

Knowing all of this, I felt compelled to call at least 100,000 faithful believers whose knees have not yet bowed down to the Baal of secular humanism to join with me in praying daily for our nation from July 4 through November 2 (

Our economic woes and national disasters as well as our nation's security will only be healed and protected when we get our relationship with God on the right track. Our personal cleansing, repentance, and intercession can determine our nation's future.

Remember this: our real enemy is not some faction of our fellow citizens. Our real war will not be waged in the physical realm. Our battle must be fought on our knees in prayer.

Therefore, if you have not covenanted to pray for our nation, please go to and join with thousands of others in interceding on behalf of this great country.

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