Christianity in Today's America
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God Save America

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I am concerned for America. I am deeply concerned for Christians in America.

While God is on the throne, is sovereign, and has assured us that He will protect His children, we are facing a tsunami of change in this country like none I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. Today, there is an all-out assault on Christians and our faith.

Christians have been attacked continuously by the liberal media for the past few decades. Universities have been hostile to the Christian faith - dramatically impacting today's generation. And, now, our own Government is turning its power and influence against Bible-believing Christians - the heart of our nation.

We see it in the removal of Christian symbols. We see it as Christians are forbidden to express their convictions without fear of reprisal. We see it in Government's desire to control the lives and behaviors of its citizens - moving the country toward total secularism and comprehensive dependence upon the Government.

As I shared recently with those who read my personal blog, (, I saw another example of this shift by the government first hand. It was a direct attack on prayer.

Back in January of this year I was invited to give the invocation at a private event in which General Petraeus was to speak in the Atlanta area. Three days before the event, I was disinvited from giving the invocation. This is not unusual as you can imagine. Once people realize that I will pray in Jesus' name, they often get nervous. So, I was not particularly surprised.

However, I still attended the event and to my utter amazement, there was no invocation - no prayer at all. Now, this was unusual. A couple days after the event, I spoke with a well-connected friend in Washington who shared that it was believed that, with the blessing of our Commander-in-Chief, a decision was made that no prayer is to be offered when top military brass are speaking.

What is happening? Our nation and our leadership are systematically and purposefully trying to deny the Christian voice. We are seen as the enemy. They want to silence Bible believing ministers and change our reverent fear of God into an intense fear of Government.

Meanwhile, the media is elevating and promoting the "peaceful" religion known as Islam. They are giving every excuse and every justification for the Muslim extremism that has cost Americans thousands of lives over the past decade.

How can this be in the greatest country on earth - the country that I longed to move to as a boy growing up in a socialist government? I believe it is happening because Christians have become consumed by the culture and have lost their way. We have allowed those hostile to the message of Jesus Christ to take over the national agenda through guilt-trips, inconsistent arguments and double-talk.

The only hope for America, for the world, is Jesus Christ. That is the message I have preached for more than 30 years, and as long as I have breath I will proclaim His Truth to the nations. So, that is why I am calling on 100,000 Bible-believing Christians in America to wake up and to commit to pray for our country each day between July 4th - November 2nd. You and your family and friends can sign up at

We need a spiritual awakening in our country. This is not political. I have no commitment to any party or group. My loyalty is to Christ and Christ alone. God has allowed America to flourish because of our Christian heritage and our people's investment in the spreading of the Gospel around the world. We need to commit to purposeful, daily prayer now more than ever.

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