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Like a Duck

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Did you ever watch a duck going after the pieces of bread that you keep tossing at him? They say that a duck will eat himself to death if you keep feeding him.  I get the feeling that my host here in Tanzania is afraid that the same will happen to me if they keep giving me too many places to preach at.  Instead of the usual two or three services a day, they have geared me back to one service a night. I suppose there are some good reasons for that – for one, most people have to work during the day and would miss any services that took place during the day.  Besides, they have not had a lot of time to plan for any extensive seminars because we only decided to come here a few weeks ago, so people would not have been able to make plans to take the time off to take time off to attend during the daytime. 

Still, I get the feeling that my host, Pastor Noah, is afraid that I will get worn out if I push too hard.  I appreciate the concern, nevertheless there is a sense of frustration that hangs over me to get this message of revival to as many people as I can while there is time.  If I had a hundred years to do this, it would be different. But I don’t.  I believe Jesus is coming sooner than we really expect. 

Oh sure, we all know that Jesus is coming back to Earth again “soon and very soon”.  But how soon is soon?  What if you knew that you only had a few years left … or maybe four?  How would that change your perspective?  Like a person sorting through his goods to decide what he can take with him on a trip and what he must leave behind, how would you change the things you do every day?  Which of those things really matter in the face of Eternity?  What are the things that you have put off for years, maybe all your life, which you would now rush to do?  If you knew that it was all going to end in a few short years, what really matters, and what does not?

That is how I feel these days.  I know God has given me a commission to light the fire of revival across Africa, but there is only so much time left to get it done.  The only seeds that will not bring forth a harvest are the ones that have not been planted.

Pastor Noah sees all this.  He has the same burden, but he’s still in his twenties and can keep going and going like the Eveready Bunny, but he’s afraid I don’t have enough sense to pace myself (old man that I am).  I’m afraid he is right. Common sense has never been my strong suit.  I’m guessing that God sees all this and that’s why he puts people like Noah around me to keep me from burning out.

If we accomplish anything at all, it will not be by the strength of our own efforts, but by the Grace of God.  Like a sailing ship out at sea that is trying desperately to make it to port, we can only hope for the wind of the Holy Spirit to drive our vessel.  We cannot row the ship there with our own efforts, but neither can we just sit and do nothing.  If we are to catch the wind that will blow us to harbor, we have to raise the sails! 

A strong wind of revival is coming, but it is not coming to those who have not raised the sail and prepared their vessel to catch it when it comes.

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