Christianity in Today's America
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Separation of Church and Sex

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By Jesse Duckworth

If we would be honest with ourselves, many of us could say that the world has become so open about sexuality that its influence cannot be denied. Just turn on the television for a moment and I guarantee you'll see something of a sexual nature. Whether it's to sell beer or increase ratings for a television show, sex is shown everywhere!

The problem is that there are no limits to where the media will go in order to sell items or raise television ratings at the expense of influencing our society in a negative way. The messages from radio and television seem to be consistent and that is for men to treat women as objects while women are to feel empowered by exploiting themselves. Not only are we seeing a change in values, but families and the youth are being affected by our "open" sexual society. We can see the devastating results of this from the divorce rates increasing, more teens are getting pregnant, and various sexually transmitted diseases are being spread.

There was a time when a teenager was embarrassed to walk the hallways of their school as a pregnant girl. Today they happily brag about their babies, showing friends the ultrasound photos. I have worked in the public school system for over 10 years and have seen how their behaviors have changed in just a short period of time. Sarah Palin's 18 year old daughter actually told Fox News Greta Van Susteren that the abstinence that her mother preaches is "not realistic at all." Based on the direction that our society is going with sexuality could her prediction be true?

For years the government has spent a lot money for sex education in schools, whether it was "abstinence only" or teaching how to use protection and everything else imaginable in order to stop teen pregnancy and diseases. As a result, things have not changed and our youth have become more sexual and open to everything that society puts on display. The government has also funded millions of dollars to promote marriage since 2005 only to result in fewer marriages and more divorces in America. So my question to you is if the government can't solve the problem, what are Christians or the church doing in order to help fix this the problem? Stay tuned......

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