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She Shall Be Saved in Childbearing

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Revival is coming to Kenya.  It isn't just something that's in the air; it's in their hearts.

I listened to a lady from the U.S. as she told me how great the praise and worship services were in Kenya.  It's not the praise and worship that gets me excited -- it's the altar calls.

In church after church, I have presented a message of revival that begins with an acknowledgement that they don't have a revival right now.  It's not about how exciting your singing is, how loving your church is, or what a great preacher your pastor is.  It's about how many souls are getting saved.

 When the church is not winning souls, she bears the shame of a barren woman.  Rachael cried, "Give me children lest I die!"  So should we grab hold of our husband, Jesus, and shake Heaven with, "Give me souls lest I die!"  We have to want it bad enough to die for it, to give our lives for souls.  This is the very definition of Charity ... and without Charity, we are nothing but tinkling bells.

Paul wrote that "she shall be saved in childbearing".  He was not saying that women who have no children are going to Hell.  He was talking about the Church.  If it is through bearing forth souls that the Church is saved, then we are in serious trouble.

Everyone thinks that revival is when the Holy Ghost is pouring out so hard that everyone is swimming in the Spirit and overwhelmed with the power of God.  No, the heartbeat of revival is winning souls, and when we forget that because we are so enamored with how good the outpouring feels, God turns off the faucet.  Slowly the electricity begins to fade away until all we are left with is church -- and church can never save us.

The difference between the U.S. and Africa is, when I bring this message in America, I get dismissed.  When I bring it in Africa, they repent. 

Maybe that's why the Spirit of God flows so heavily here.  In service after service, when they com e up for prayer, God takes over and heals every one of them, delivers them from demonic powers, and releases their faith and revitalizes their vision.  There are times when you can actually feel the oil flowing through your fingers as you lay hands on these people. 

But in America, they are hardly able to believe this is really happening, never mind drop to their knees for forgiveness so that God can move here as well. 

Jonah said it well:  "They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy."

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