Christianity in Today's America
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Where have all the feminists gone?

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I remember back in the late '60s or early '70s, Germaine Greer and many of her feminist cohorts used to appear on Australian television and "pile on" Christianity as an oppressor of women.

Coming fresh out of the Middle East into the West and knowing how Christian women are lovingly treated in comparison to their Muslim counterparts, I wanted to scream at the television. Do these people understand that Jesus is the only true liberator of women? Have they ever read the Bible? Do they really know what it means to truly oppress women?

Are they so clueless they don't understand that Western civilization came into being because of the light of Christianity?

But fast forward just a few decades later. Today you see Islamic ideology, with its emphasis on beating women into submission to men, openly and boldly broadcast through the media. Proclaiming that a woman is only equal to half of a man, Sharia courts are spreading (like Kudzu in July here in the South) in England, Europe and the United States.

 And yet, I have not heard Hillary Clinton or any of her feminist foot soldiers say a mumbling word against Islam's open warfare against women's rights.

Before I make some of you angry and before you protest and say, "You are intolerant," I want you to watch this video: Watch and read the subtitles of this television interview with an Islamic authority figure. He explains the "etiquette" a husband is to use when beating his wife. Without giving away anything, after watching it, ask yourself: Where have all the feminists gone? Is the feminist movement dead?

Or, are those lashing tongues reserved only for use against loving Christians? And by the same token, are they terrified and silenced by Islamic power and money?

 If you have an answer, please let me know.

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