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After the Fast

Sat, Apr. 12, 2014 Posted: 11:11 PM

The Rose is a flower striking in beauty emerging from a seasonal bushy plant. It can look very unimpressive when her time to bloom has not come. But then there is a glorious spring and mid-summer in which the Rose blooms in glorious colors …but the autumn soon comes and the petals begin to fall to the ground and the gardener must prune the bush down …to wait afresh for another season of fresh double blooms. The gardener must therefore learn to wait. Fasting is like a period of waiting.

Spring is the time when new flowers spring forth … that which was previously imagined dead, pruned and fallen springs back. The word spring suggests acceleration. In God, there is an acceleration of goodness, re-blooming, harvesting, promotions and overflowing beauty and joy.

Song of Solomon 2:1 I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.

Fasting is a time of denial and looking to God. As the fasting starts for some in the harsh winter season and now ends in the spring … so will there be a springing forth of joys and testimonies. To live is Christ … Christ is the Rose of Sharon …the beautiful Rose, pruned down and blooming for us … you will enjoy His beauty. As you abide in Him … there will be a fresh bloom of new goodness for you in Jesus name. Amen

As we look to Christ and abide in Him ...

  1. That which seeks to bring an end to our peace, joy, laughter, dancing, increase, ,expansion, new life …we decree an end has come to them. Amen
  2. His goodness and mercy suddenly oveflows …gushing afresh in our lives
  3. Every weapon of hell arrayed against our life and destiny is dismantled and scattered to pieces.
  4. Multiple doors open anew bringing us into new victories and awesome triumphs
  5. Every place of weeping transforms into halls of dancing and shouts of joy
  6. The Beauty of Christ wipes away all the ashes and His overflowing goodness floods all the valleys of lack and despair
  7. The Oil of His gladness overflows and garments of praise expel every spirit of heaviness
  8. We mount up on His wings as eagles …overtaking shame, traps, enchantments …soaring above evil covenants and divinations to the peaks of excellence.
  9. We arrive at our place of celebration as all forces cooperate to favor the fulfilment of a glorious destiny in Him
  10. All generations …past, present and future begin to call us blessed
  11. The overflowing unstoppable power of the Holy Spirit fills us afresh expelling every contrary spirit, plant, seed or agenda hiding to spoil our future.
  12. All the altars erected to bring us down … whether ancestral, known or unknown …are all rendered desolate, powerless and destroyed.

There are other plants …indeed the evergreen trees in the garden … standing tall with their green foliage all year round all the time. The evergreen trees wonder at the Rose when it seems to have faded certain they will not come up again … but as the spring comes, the pruned bush begins to bloom afresh with buds that open to reveal undiscovered colors that the artist has never been able to match. The evergreen tree admires the Rose and envies the beauty that is beyond description and the reach of the tallest in the forest. Your life will be admired …the beauty of God will again be evident. Enjoy the Rose in all its splendor bringing color again to your life.


You are beautiful beyond description;
Too marvelous for words; Too wonderful for comprehension;
Like nothing everseen or heard.
Who can grasp your infinite wisdom.
Who can fathom the depth of your love.
You are beautiful beyond description
Majesty, enthroned above.
I stand in awe of you.

Christ says I am the Rose of Sharon …if you do not know Him, you can receive Him in your heart.

olabode ososami