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olabode ososami

Bode pastors at The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Nigeria & has published 5 books. "Songs of Joseph" - is his latest work ... a devotional.

Posted 9/9/16 at 7:12 AM | olabode ososami

God’s Candidate is always Pro-Life

There are many gifts spoken of in the Bible. Compassion (Oxford Dictionary) means sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. To be able to sense pain felt by others (especially when they are helpless, weak and not in a position to return your assistance) and to act in kindness to relieve that hurt is to have compassion. It is a mystery, and indeed a divine gift … how can you sense what you yourself do not suffer, or be gripped by a fervent cause that really may have nothing to do with you, but will make a positive difference for others and move the agenda of God forward and please Him.

Exodus_2:6 And when she had opened it, she saw the child: and, behold, the babe wept. And she had compassion on him, and said, This is one of the Hebrews' children.

I searched the word of God and found “compassion” very rarely ascribed to persons but almost always to God, to Christ and the early Christians. It is very abnormal for a person to have compassion, indeed the heart of mankind without God is described as desperately wicked and always self-serving. The first and only instance I found of compassion ascribed to mankind in the Old Testament was in an Egyptian woman who saw baby Moses and was moved with pity. She knew that male Hebrew children were to die …and indeed many must have been drowned, killed or poisoned …yet God put this unique solitary gift in this woman. The result was that an entire nation was rescued as God found and preserved a man who would lead and do God’s plan. It is even more mysterious that God used an Egyptian woman to save the boy who God will later use to drown the armies of Egypt. Compassion can see a badly bruised reed and a hopeless smoking flax and yet be moved to preserve it from extinction. Compassion can see that which was meant and perhaps even deserves to die and be moved to give it another chance. FULL POST

Posted 8/27/16 at 8:18 AM | olabode ososami

Kerry visits Nigeria amidst fears of an Islamisation agenda

The recent visit of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Nigeria has sparked some controversy as many have described the visit as both “discriminatory and divisive”. Hosted by the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar III, the most senior Islamic cleric in the country as well as meetings with governors of Northern (Islamic) states and talks with the muslim President Muhammadu Buhari … one has to wonder why such obvious overtures to Islamic interests, are perceived as the best way to calm the terrorism scourge and simmering tensions ravaging the nation ... also at a time of intense sensitivity to religious pointers,

Recently, Christians on evangelism have been butchered to death while on evangelism on the streets and attacks on Christians are on the rise. Many Christians in areas with significant muslim population, now feel very unsafe and unprotected. But this does not seem to be on Kerry's "correct" agenda. Are Christians to be sacrificed for peace and calm in the embattled Northern region? How many more martyrs ? FULL POST

Posted 8/21/16 at 3:19 AM | olabode ososami

Brazil’s Gold in a Torrential Storm

Brazil, on Saturday, won a gold medal in the Olympics Football event - defeating Germany, only after a long extended tenacious struggle involving penalties after extra time, reminiscent of battles faced by the beleaguered nation. Brazil also won its second gold of Rio 2016 as Thiago Braz won in the men's pole vault contest, in spite of heavy rains. As the world enjoys the Olympics, more than a few in the leadership of the world's largest Latin American economy, will not be in the mood to enjoy the enthralling entertainment – an event costing the government a huge outlay. But perhaps it was worth it after all.

Recent research at the Saïd Business School, in Oxford, which analysed 30 summer and winter games, has claimed that none of the Olympic games ever held, came in within their initial budget and nearly half exceeded targets by more than 100 per cent (The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has dissociated itself from this study). The average cost of holding the games was put at $8.9B, buttressing claims that the $4.8B budget for the Rio games is on the optimistic side ... also perhaps explaining root causes behind many complaints of inadequate arrangements. So why is Brazil, a nation with a 10.9% unemployment, annual GDP decline of – 3.8% and inflation close to 10%, going on this kind of spree? FULL POST

Posted 8/13/16 at 11:45 AM | olabode ososami

War on Gender (Part 2)

In a previous post i.e. Part I (which I recommend you read for some context), this war was described as one of many fronts to ruin the destiny of God’s masterpiece ... in humanity. It is not war against male or female, but a fundamental confrontation of biblical models. Women should not be disadvantaged in access to education and workforce opportunities but encouraged and helped to take leadership positions in business and politics, if God has gifted them for that. Britain’s first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher was perhaps one of her best … we pray Theresa May, the new Prime Minister, will be even more successful. All people of all gender, race etc. are entitled to respect (even especially when we disagree with them).

The Battles

The war is a war against the word of God in Genesis 1:27. The enemy of this futile battle is not “the so called brutish man” but God Himself. Clamoring for rights can be as distractions to get our gaze off our preparations for the ultimate “wedding”. When we mix up the different roles of male and female, we soon obscure our responsibilities as the “Bride” of Christ. FULL POST

Posted 8/7/16 at 5:51 PM | olabode ososami

War on Gender (Part 1)

This is a delicate topic, but for many, it needs to be addressed. I plead forgiveness in advance, if it causes offense. Please be patient to read to the end. There are many things God chose for us; our parents, the timing of our birth and our gender. God also made the genders different and ordained procreation that humanity may be fruitful and multiply within the confines of marriage. Satan, who comes to kill, steal and destroy, has other ideas … first he plants the successful idea that difference in gender implies inequality and oppression. Then he suggests a novel neutral gender which negates the need to identify as male or female … then he slowly kills any arrangement that encourages procreation in a traditional family setting (single mothers are fine by him) … offering any alternative (sexual, career, etc ) that boosts singleness, kills the force of normal wife-husband unity and renders Christian family structures obsolete.

A father was recently shocked to see his son come into his house dressed as a woman, saying he has discovered his gender was female … the father said nothing, not knowing what to do and how to address the issue. One day he had an idea … the father also bought a wig and a dress and started dressing as a woman in the house … when his son saw him, he exclaimed “dad, you look ridiculous!! “ … the son got the message. We are made to reflect the glorious image of God and not be ridiculous. FULL POST

Posted 8/3/16 at 8:13 AM | olabode ososami

Hilarious or Trumped?

Few Christians have given any attention to Trump’s campaign pledge to review and reword positively any legislation threatening freedoms to preach the word of God. Perhaps because most do not believe him or they do not care, after all God and His word can take care of Himself and does not need the help of the “rakish” Trump. Still, any comment relating to the word of God must be taken seriously. Why?

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

History warns that past monarchs were often threatened and grew extremely hostile to the Holy Bible, especially as it sought to check social vices. Most of its earliest readers, did so in secret and many martyred … and the few pioneers who initiated preaching from it, did so only at their extreme peril.

If faced with the choice between having all the good things without the Bible and having the Bible with nothing … what would be your choice? Do not grin, many have had to make that very choice … most, easily choosing to live without the word of God … many of those who chose the Bible alone were burnt on the stake. They were not delivered. FULL POST

Posted 5/8/15 at 5:49 PM | olabode ososami

Lessons from 70th Anniversary of End of World War II

In the UK, there will be celebrations this weekend including a special service at Westminster Abbey to mark 70 years of Victory in Europe (VE) day, the end - on May 8, 1945 - of a threat of looming darkness that gripped the world. Hitler did not seize power but was voted into the highest office leveraging a time of intense dissatisfaction to convince Germans that between imminent economic devastation which could not be arrested, threat of communism and Nazi troopers … it was obviously far safer to lean to the “only strangely overzealous” Nazis. Hitler's Nazi Party became the largest elected party in the German Reichstag, leading to his appointment as chancellor in 1933. No one could foretell the pogrom that was ahead at the time Hitler was cheered as chancellor and as the nightmare unfolded, the entire world only gaped in shock that it was possible for just one man’s rabid vision to go so far. Hitler’s War became the deadliest military conflict in recorded history in absolute terms of total dead, with over 60 million people killed. FULL POST

Posted 2/23/15 at 2:23 PM | olabode ososami

The Magic of Oscar Vanity

Another year has passed and once again screen deities have convened for their annual honors gala. A celebration indeed of the best of glamour, art and talent converging in magical screen offerings that have captivated billions of viewers. I am not a fan of movies and I probably watch much less than the average, the only awardee movie (best actor) I had seen, of the many honoured, was "The Theory of Everything" which for me was a disappointingly distorted but sympathetic portrayal of the life of the celebrated atheist - Stephen Hawking, given that I had taken the trouble to research the subject before going to the cinema.

The “Theory of Everything” did portray the local church as the ideal spot to hunt for an adulterous affair … and also another award winning performance of “Glory” from “Selma” was heralded and applauded tearfully - without any consideration for whom the glory was intended for – the Almighty God. FULL POST

Posted 10/26/14 at 4:20 AM | olabode ososami

Is Ebola a Demon or a Disease?

Demonic activity will often manifest in some form of oppression or disability, even disease. But the question remains relevant as the virus travels across the oceans to Manhattan. Drug companies give some assurance that a vaccine would soon be ready and cure serums soon on the shelves.

Demonic activities tends to be more resilient. They thrive on godlessness and lifestyles that the Creator describes in His word – as sinful. We are in times, when we assume sin is limited to what we disapprove or can dislike – but we would be God if that were the case. Only a prayerful study of the word of God reveals to the broken heart what is or not sin.

Exo 15:26 And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee. FULL POST

Posted 9/14/14 at 1:23 PM | olabode ososami

Global Call for Prayers to Halt Ebola

God answers prayers especially when we all unite to pray. The virus may have been contained in Nigeria as reports suggest that there are no more confirmed cases after eight died out of 21 patients were reported to have contacted the virus. We give glory to God. In other parts of West Africa the situation seems to be getting out of hand. The outbreak, which has killed nearly 2,300 people, is devouring three neighbouring countries, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone and the Liberian president has just called for urgent help in view of the completely overwhelming situation.

Doctors are now afraid to come to the aid of patients, as another health worker Dr Oliver Buck died yesterday as the World Health Organisation (WHO) claimed that they could not meet the request to fund her evacuation costs to Germany. West Africa needs continued prayer of the saints all over the world that “this disease will stop spreading, that the diseased will be healed and restored to health and that peace will return to the countries battling the crisis.” FULL POST

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