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Charlie Hebdo Cartoons: A Different Spring

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A different spring for freedom is fast spreading as the French outlaw proactively and firmly any protests related to a French magazine (cartoonist Charlie Hebdo) ridiculing the Prophet Mohammad on Wednesday - portraying him naked in cartoons. This comes in the wake of protests of Muslims around the world already incensed by a film depicting him in highly deprecatory situations. Most people believe these poor artistic forms in the worst of taste would have attracted little attention but for the reactions expected. French embassies, schools and cultural centers in 20 Muslim countries were reported to be closed on Friday, as a precaution ordered by the French government.

The world is slowly but deliberately rising to reject the agenda to paralyze the nations into fear by violent outbursts and the prayer is that violent reactions such as has been seen will one day cease. Violence of this sort is never an acceptable response and will not work.

2Ti_1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

We are not to receive fear as the TV images seem designed to achieve causing inappropriate reactions or cowering into apologies that deny the issues. Instead the Bible asks us to choose love and be clear minded. A clear sound mind urges us never to descend into revenge no matter the provocation calling for reaction. Love urges us to be kind and respectful of all cultures and not cause emotional pain or havoc for others under the guise of freedoms and artistic expression. Power with God empowers us to go to our knees to battle for the soul of nations and to pray for peace and an end to bloodshed. Praying that the gospel and evangelists will not be hindered ...remembering there are saints and Christian workers called to remain in these nations.

Christians need to reach out more in love than ever before to non-western cultures to correct the thinking that Christianity and the West are in alliance against them. Bible truth teaches that all cultures of the world tend to deny Christian truths and the values of Christ as a descendant of Abraham are in many ways (not all certainly) closer to Arab culture than many modern western values. More sad is that racial or ethnic prejudices and violence fosters fear that obstructs evangelism and the free preaching of the gospel - still perceived by many cultures as disguises for modern strains of imperialism or materialism. The windows that are opened to the gospel and the missionaries in these nations are being put at risk - if unguarded in our responses or refuse to pray as we should. It is also an opportunity for touching the hearts of many hungering for the gospel of love and to receive the Prince of Peace. Watch and pray.

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