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Christmas Eve Bomb blasts in Jos, Northern Nigeria

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Two bomb blasts were just reported moments ago (Christmas eve) in Jos, Nigeria. Information reaching us revealed that the Car bomb went off at a public place around Angwan Rukuba and another bomb was set off around Kabong Primary School area all in Jos North Local Government Area, Nigeria many were reported dead and injured.

Also reported, few minutes ago, was fire set on Baptist Church Halamdari Gala Maiduguri and tension reported also at COCIN Church Sinimari Maiduguri.

Please pray for Nigeria as Jihadist Muslims continue to threaten peaceful co-existence in the country.  The situation is further complicated by an oncoming political transition and the using of intimidation and fear as a canvas for chaos.

Jesus knows all about our struggles and God sees all labours of His shepherds ...especially in hostile territories amidst fierce wolves. Read previous blog post. “While shepherds watched their flocks by night...”

Series of bomb blasts rock the city of Jos leaving over 60 dead and over 70 wounded. The blasts started around 7.00pm and went on around same time, with just few minutes intervals.

About the same time two other Spots went off at Angwan Rukuba, Bauchi ring road, the western part of the City, one at Sauki Hotel area and the other at another Night Market Shopping area, not too far from the first.  Dead bodies and body parts littered the areas; an on looker identified one of the dead bodies as that of a member of the None Academic Staff Union of University of Jos.

Around 12.00 midnight of 24th Dec. 2010, The Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) recorded 9 corpses in mortuary, and over 40 receiving treatment in casualty wards. By the Morning of 25th Dec. 2010, nine bodies were reported seen laying at one of the spots at kabong and nine also reported seen at Angwan rukuba and body parts all over the places. Sources gave total dead as over 60 and those receiving treatment in various hospitals in Jos City were confirmed by stefanos foundation as 74 persons.


At Maiduguri about same time, also reported was an attack on people at a singing practice in Victory Baptist Church Halamdari Gala. The pastor and four others killed and burnt in the church. COCIN Sinimari also said their Night watchman was seriously beaten up and shot. The church building itself was left unharmed.

EYN Church Polo Area reported that bombs were set on the church; they tried three times but not successful. Sources (Unconfirmed) said 16 mobile police men were killed in Maiduguri last night.

His glory will shine even through the darkest nights. All is well. His love is still amazing and heals the hurts and wounds ... even the emotional scars. I pray all affected will go to Jesus for His promised rest and comfort even as the rest of the world prays and acts as the spirit leads to support. Amen

Mark Lipdo jointly reports from Jos, Nigeria. 

Merry Christmas

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