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God and Leadership (Part 1)

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Biographies are helpful especially when they are factual in painting the subject - as could possibly be. We soon discover that the best of men will be frail humans and not angels. Yet there are attributes which make for successful leadership, commonalities or traits that seem to distinguish the individuals who made the vital difference to the destiny of nations and peoples.

Tom Hooper’s Oscar winning (must-watch) film – The King’s Speech, is a 2010 British historical drama about King George VI who, to cope with a severe speech impediment, found an unlikely friend and help in an unqualified Australian therapist who assisted him overcome a debilitating and highly unattractive stammer. King George VI did not want or expect to be King …given that he had an elder brother who was already in line. His wife, Elizabeth said once that she was frightened at the prospect of married to a monarch but on hearing her husband (then Duke of York) speak, she felt sure it was impossible for someone with such incapacitating disability to be ever crowned.,

King George VI was not just crowned, as his older brother gave up the throne for love of a divorcee, he emerged as one of the most successful and inspiring leaders … leading millions through an extremely challenging era of war requiring uncommon courage and persistence to resist totalitarian domination in Europe. It did not matter that he became king at a point when public faith in the monarchy was low … but driven by an uncommon sense of duty, with an unassuming quiet style and by showing rare personal courage, he succeeded in restoring the popularity of the British monarchy and steering a nation to victory. In the shadow of his brother, he seemed so dull, uncharismatic and plain - yet emerged to the surprise of all – an extraordinary sovereign that the people would follow, admire and love. King George did not just have a bad stammer that lasted for many years, he was forced to write with his right hand although he was naturally left-handed, suffered from chronic stomach problems as well as knock knees, for which he was forced to wear painful corrective splints. But it was his speech that would have most disabled him and for which unusual help came.

1Ch 12:21 And they helped David against the band of the rovers: for they were all mighty men of valour, and were captains in the host. 22  For at that time day by day there came to David to help him, until it was a great host, like the host of God

In this initial part of this blog article, I will focus on the Help that must come to the leader. God sends help at the right time and in exactly the right time to support successful leaders to conquer the enemy and face the war they were born to win. The Help from God is designed to support – never to compete or threaten - the one that must lead. The leader is divinely destined to accept and welcome that help (even though lacking the more obvious requisite qualifications) … albeit at a time when no one can sense that a future destiny of a nation is being shaped and rescued by this intervention. No other king had succeeded a living monarch and as such to imagine King George on the throne would have been treasonable. But God also designed an unusual crisis.

Perhaps you are the help God is sending for your nation. Perhaps you are the one to be helped. Only God chooses and His providence is perfect. The sad crisis of abdication that shocked the world and shamed the monarchy was only a necessary precondition to complete a preordained salvation God had determined for a nation in need of a uniquely chosen leadership at a trying time. Did I hear you say luck? Not so … God is unstoppable when He is at work. God’s war, whether it be against corruption or any other foe - threatening the nations will be won. What you see as a crisis is a necessary precondition for a historic role. How can I convince you to be assured that God – not man - is in control of the timing of events that produces God’s leader. Humility to be divinely helped is essential.

Let me suggest that prevalence of wicked and inept leadership calls for national repentance and seeking afresh the face of God for His unfailing mercies. It is vain to theorize on leadership … also do not deride leaders or poke fun at weak headship - you only laugh at yourself. Laugh at the corruptions but also repent of pride, pray for divinely ordained help for leaders, for God's leaders to emerge… and for the divinely ordained crisis that must come so that all will be well.

Job 5:22 At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh: neither shalt thou be afraid of the beasts of the earth.

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