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God : Person of the year 2012

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Why have I chosen God as the person of the year 2012? Partly, because this was the year of the humbling of icons in the wake of storms, crashes, shootings and phenomena which reminds us as we stand in awe that God rules and reigns. While the choice of Time Magazine of Obama (says Time managing editor Richard Stengel "We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes … and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways of this new America.") announces changes that mankind brings to pass. God still does what only He can do..

The Bible describes the best of men as vapor …here today and gone tomorrow… we only have to wait a while for this to be proven. The Bible speaks of the depravity of minds of men …who can know it? We are shown glimpses of how low it can be made to descend in the Sandy Hook shootings.

God is both unstoppable and unfathomable in making good and what we can only call evil. Nothing surprises Him, yet He surprises all our projections. If He were not but God, He would long ago have been made extinct by our elections as fewer recognize Him in the polls, while He still rules without needing our endorsements or help … completely aloof of our platitudes – when we come to Him after exhausting the limits of idols.

My choice for the Man of the year is not a man that He should lie nor a man that He should repent. There is no motivation for any duplicity nor for Him to change. He makes what He wills, when He wills …and easily commands into existence, even from nothing, whatever is needed for His word to remain true. He works best when men have failed and have no means to birth what He has promised.

Job_37:5  God thundereth marvellously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we cannot comprehend.

God is unmatchable in His acts. But none can understand all His purposes even as He opens doors that none can close and closes doors that none can open. Others boost in what they can change and how they change… but He is immutable, unchangeable … already perfect in all His ways. He is the same … yesterday, today and forever. His word is forever settled. His truths are from everlasting to everlasting. All may and will change … but God… never.

What has He done? Someone wrote of Him in a favorite devotional ..He, who with the breath of His nostrils parts the seas … He does and loves to do the impossible.

“One thing is certain: your present location cannot hinder the fulfilment of God’s promise in your life. God can lift anybody up, even from the prison to the throne like He did to Joseph; He can delist the barren from barrenness and make her a joyful mother of children like He did to Hannah. The Lord can break the status of poverty and move the fellow into abundance. Moses too had to wait for God to fulfil His promise to liberate the Israelites from Egypt. Initially, when he was too hasty and decided to jump ahead of God in his zeal, he got into a problem that could have cost him his destiny, if not for God’s mercy and power. While he waited, Pharaoh resisted his mission until his waiting period was over and the King of kings broke through Pharaoh’s resistance and set God’s people free. As you wait on Him, your time will come and when your time comes, nothing can hinder the fulfilment of His promises in your life.” writes Pastor Adeboye

Other previously honored persons of the year will eventually fade … but allow me to introduce to you the one who will never cease to be who He is … the Person of the year 2012. God Almighty.

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