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Is the Earth 6000 years old?

Sat, Feb. 08, 2014 Posted: 09:35 AM

Listening to the Ham-Nye creation debate , I fear that there are some questions that are not as helpful in that they add little value to solving today’s challenges …instead, they often contribute to muddling the issues. The Bible is a book inspired by the Holy Spirit and there is a large extent to which it cannot be fully unlocked except by that same Spirit. It is not clear if being the salt and light is achieved by winning arguments, nor are we told logical persuasion is God’s way of salvation. The Apostle Paul actual boosts of not gaining converts by clever arguments and disputing although he was well educated.

Both science and interpretations of scripture in the past have been proven to be erroneous …but this does not prove we should discard either. There is an important difference - in that scripture claims an unchangeable God to be its author while science searches for other means to validate its shifting claims. When the Bible says we know in part, it must mean that there are things for which we must still wait for revelation and others that we will never know until God chooses to reveal them. But this also applies to science albeit in a different way. Faith is therefore required for both science and spiritual matters and higher laws when discovered will claim to debunk lower ones … but no one can claim to have established the exact complete reality of matters – except by faith.

Gen 1:1  In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

These verses do not provide exactitude on time dimensions … and the difference between verses one and two in terms of years is not obvious. But the earth as we know it started in verse 2. Man as we know him was created in the image of God … and according to the Bible did not evolve from apes, fish or any other organism. The creation that we know is about 6000 years old …but this does not deny the possibility of an existence that was wiped out after the creation in Genesis 1:1. The Bible reveals God to be the uncreated creator.

What is also increasingly evident is that belief in evolution and some of the postmodern thoughts which somewhat equate human life to other animals, only that they evolved differently …will ultimately justify abortion, euthanasia, gender neutrality and ultimately genocide of those perceived to be weak, burdensome or undesirable in some way or the other. The Bible is very different in singling out humanity as a special fearfully made species. Christians cannot expect to convince people who elect to have faith in an aircraft manufacturer and board a flight without even seeing the qualifications of the pilot …but who struggle with faith that heals, delivers and saves. Indeed, the Bible also states that saving faith is a gift from God, and cannot be imposed or manufactured through debate and superior reasoning even though the faithful are men and women of reason. But then faith and science are not mutually exclusive … as Ken Ham already spoke on the concept of historical science which is built on faith in many assumptions that experts cannot be fully agreed upon. But men of saving faith do not agree on everything as well.

It is also useful to know that of recent, a very hefty budget has been invested to push the “New” story of the history of the earth which is meant to provide a desired enlightenment. Bill Gates pledged major support for a new project “Big History”…an online learning menu offered by David Christian to spread understanding of the history of the universe and how humanity fits in. According to this often refined doctrine, the world started by a “Big Bang” 13.7 billion years ago and progressed through eight thresholds, specific events at which ingredients and the right conditions combine to permit leaps of increased complexity from nothing to the world we live today. God is nowhere in this new history curriculum which is being aggressively pushed at the minds of our children,

But how are Christians to respond to these matters. Pray that God will give salvation and tell everyone of the gospel of hope and new life in Christ Jesus. Christ does not promise instant clarity on issues such as the age of the earth …but He does offer eternal life, His peace, joy and Christ’s righteousness. He offers a renewal of the mind and grace to believe God that He is who He says He is and that His word is true. Salvation comes as we believe God … which is also a gift that God Himself must give. We are to humble ourselves to receive the illumination on scripture by the Holy Spirit of God which is to some extent progressive … even as we have been given a different mind, the mind of Christ.

Those who say ..”well, if you can’t prove it to me, I will not believe”…are deluded because they have already bought so many things marketed through extensive media elevation …and are convinced on so much that has not been conclusively proven and will change as better telescopes are invented..

What is also important in Ham’s presentation, was the truth that there are many eminent scientists who are Christians presently making significant discoveries … that believing in the Bible does not require you to delink yourself from the scientific world. Still, God says He is revealed in all that we see ... we do not need scientific advancements, useful and valuable as these may be, to know and worship God

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