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Jon Stewart, Christian Fundamentalism and Norway Massacre II

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The Norway Killer Christian story has graduated to a grand subject of fresh mockery on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  The not-too-subtle-point seems to be that saints, only to avoid shameful label, are quick to deny the remote possibility that Anders Behring Breivik could ever have been a Christian...after all who really is a Christian. Several Fox News pundits including Laura Ingrahm and O'Reilly have recently accused the mainstream media of playing up the Christian angle when reporting bomber Anders Behring Breivik's profile and attacks... rejecting the idea that he represents any Christian sect, fringe or otherwise. 

The worst strains of derision always carry enough truth...ask the bald Elisha as little children mocked. Others mock the conspiracy theory against "right-wing Christianity" ... amused at an age-old battle and animosity between darkness and light.  A battle that violently rages in sometimes not obvious ways but in every arena including politics and media. ( please see video - shown below.)

The Norway Massacre story is not about Christianity but is a very sad manifestation of how undiagnosed and untreated mental malady can develop and wreak untold harm at an unimaginable scale with implications for improving protection of larger society. The lawyer representing Anders Behring Breivik has claimed that his client is most likely insane. If so – the story becomes immediately less interesting. In the battle of faith, the link of a massacre reminiscent of the Crusades to Christianity must be a vital lever for present day Goliaths.

Still it is true that we have evolved into a society that enjoys mocking God and is quick to profane the sacred, perhaps arguably due to poor social models from those who claimed Christianity in the past. We have not stlll seen reported an apology or retraction of the statement claiming Anders Behring Breivik  is a right-wing Christian fundamentalist

I do recall a narration of a true story in a village in Northern Nigeria where the tombs of some missionaries were openly desecrated and in the following week, strange fires selectively ravaged the homes of the key actors. This is neither a fable nor fear mongering.  Someone needs to be educated that mocking the sacred things of God is a dangerous pastime. Mockery attacks the confidence we have in our beliefs.

Accepting the mockery of the things we cherish is a subtle but powerful attack on our mind ... if we (like the children of Israel before Goliath) position as overwhelmed victims, we have become already enslaved in a mind-set of fear that has robbed us of the vision of the greatness of our God. When Goliath (like today’s media moguls) defied the God of Israel ...everyone withdrew into a quiet corner until an inconsequential David arose to challenge what everyone thought was suicidal to even question.

 “Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God” (1 Sam. 17:36). 

The Lord is seeking to bring down every cause of shame and reproach in your life, family, community, church and nation. If we can cooperate with the Lord of hosts, there is no giant we cannot floor. 

There are things David did that you must do. First, stop tolerating mockers. Anything that is asking you, 'Where is your God?' is a mocker. Sickness, poverty, barrenness, and stagnancy, are mockers; they seek to steal the powerful testimony of God from your life. They must not be tolerated. Any mocker you tolerate is in no hurry to leave and will be entrenched.

In 1 Samuel 17, Goliath continued to torment the nation of Israel for 40 days because they could tolerate him. The day David rose to challenge that mocker, the latter was on his way out. If David had not risen, the Israelites would have continued to undergo mental torture even for years. And if this situation had lingered, it would have become something permanent. 

The reason many people are yet to be delivered from the mockers in their lives is because they tolerate them. They think they can cope with the situation since it has not gotten to its extreme level. They say, 'I am managing' (speaking of poverty), 'I am sick but not totally down'. Some even think it is a virtue to endure pain, sorrow, barrenness, sickness or lack. No! It is not! 

God does not want you to be patient with anything that challenges the reality of God in your life. Which mocker are you tolerating presently? Stamp it out today! Address that mocker and serve it an eviction order. Like David, stand up against every mocker. When you do, you will find they were not so strong after all. Our weapons must always never be carnal but mighty only through God in the place of prayer what do we pray...

I have observed a strange thing in the West... far too many things that God has not ordained are tolerated spiritually. The result is even more danger as many are emboldened to mock God in worse demonstrations of profanity. I do not mean of course that genuine saints do not fall sick or have troubles and failures...they do.  But there are often mockers sent to test and question faith and we have the responsibility to pray for more insight on this ... never forgetting we are in a spiritual battle.

“Father, every mocker in my life affecting my destiny and your will for my nation, remove in your mercy and destroy by the fire of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus.” Amen

There is a lesson though. If Anders Behring Breivik had won the Gold medal at the Olympics or won perhaps the Golf championships or were he an NBA star ...few will be asking for more credentials or wonder how a Christian still sports an earring or flanked by would have been considered incorrect to question his faith.  The world needs to know more clearly and proactively from the Bible who the Christian is and is not - even if this raises more controversies.

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