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Kenneth Hagin Jnr. speaks on New Level of Blessing at RCCG 59th Annual Convention

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The theme With Wings like an Eagles  - Hagin taught a congregation that was in the millions on "Getting ready for God's promises" that are not with crawlers but with fliers.  Using Joshua as text - the forefathers  of the children of Israel did not enter the promises but their children were once at a threshold of entry...many are at this threshold.

Joshua 3:4... for ye have not passed this way heretofore. [5]  And Joshua said unto the people, Sanctify yourselves: for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.

 Joshua told the children of Israel of something they had not seen before explaining that the earlier generation knew of great miracles of old, victories over Pharaoh, mistakes and murmurings...but not the land of promise.  In the promised land, God’s miraculous power surrounds His own ...  daily and there are lands to be possessed.  They had more than enough in the blessed land.  Hagin taught that it is time to move into the promises of God ... a new thing.  No more wanderings and travelling through an alien land that was not theirs.  Today we have a choice...will we realise the value proposition of a new day and hour casting off the darkness and unbelief of the past?  Indeed, it is time to wake up and get prepared for the promises of God. A video of the teaching is also featured...

We get ready by believing what the Bible says ...It is time to believe and walk in faith... seeing with the eyes of faith.  There are divine appointments with God if you are ready, prepared and walking in faith when those appointments come – you can step into the blessing with limitless possibilities in God ... this not mere talk but will be seen – Hagin prophesies.

Hagin Jnr. warns that we do not enter into these levels of God by crawling need to fly high with God...God is never late...he shows up right on time...It is time to get out of is time to walk in a new faith take new steps of faith with nothing under your feet but the promises.  Begin to make arrangements and spiritual preparations by making sure the word of God is in our hearts and coming out of our mouth. “... The Bible says it – I believe it and therefore that settles it.” There is a new blessing waiting you need to get ready to go into it ... with new levels of provision. It will happen the way God said it will...Get ready for a new blessing of God like you have never seen before .. a new day...a new hour ... a divine flow available for all those who will get ready for it...

Expounding on the theme of the 57th Convention With Wings Like an Eagle -. Hagin teaches that those who operate at this level of faith will find themselves entering a new level of God’s promises ... and will begin to experience the new things reserved and promised for His children.

See video teaching below

Hagin prayed prayers of healing for the millions who attended the main service on Friday night. The special Friday service featured many other ministers preaching  and praying for the infirmed - including the main plenary session by the General Overseer Pastor E.A. Adeboye.  As the Friday crusade ended with exuberant praise and thanksgiving even as hundreds surrendered their lives to Jesus,  a crippled man began to walk again as he joined others to praise God. 

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