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Les Miserables of Hell

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“Les Miserables” - the movie of the world’s longest running musical seen by over 65 million people recently starred in the Oscars 2013 ceremonies garnering accolades as it earned several nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Film … and Anne Hathaway wins Best Actress in a supporting role for her part as the tragic prostitute Fantine – in which she sings a heart-rending rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” - the sad romantic ballad that has enchanted listeners all over the world for decades. Another Oscar was won for make-up and styling … without any doubt an exceptional unforgettable movie. But still, talking spiritually now, this is yet another Hiroshima of modern deceptions.

The Puritan Preacher, Thomas Brooks would point, in his sermons entitled “Precious Remedies against Satan’s Devices”, to twelve (listed below) most common demonic wiles and snares for entangling and dragging souls to damnation so all can be aware and warned. We are also in times of dangers assailing all that the saints hold dear … on our screens.

  1. Satan presents the bait and hides the hook till the very end when it is too late to escape.
  2. He paints sin in the colors of virtue … presenting greed, rage, prostitution, adultery, divorce, worldliness, infidelity, fornication and immorality as noble and justifiable.
  3. Satan makes light of sin.
  4. He shows you the sins and faults of good men … to justify yours and discourage your quest for personal holiness.
  5. He presents the mercy of God as an excuse for sin. Grace meant to encourage a closer walk with God is abused to maintain evils.
  6. He represents repentance initially as easy - to induce sin and reminds us we can always confess and repent after but as soon as we sin he tells us repentance is completely impossible and the debris of sin haunts the victim.
  7. He encourages all to trifle and be entertained with sin … to play with it, watch it… read about it, toy with it… without expecting to actually commit it.
  8. He points out how good and easy sinners have it in the world …claiming that everything is going well for sinners …the worst lie is that they eventually do not go to hell. God understands and forgives them in some unique way.
  9. He induces you to sin by showing you the loneliness and suffering of the Godly … hinting that you can sin in small doses (initially) to avoid this pain.
  10. He hardens your heart by comparing you favorably with someone who is much worse than you … showing you people worse than you as a way to comforting you in early stages of rebellion.
  11. He corrupts the mind with error that leads to carelessness and loose living … finds a Godly principle and corrupts it wonderfully. Love is an example of a favorite principle he loves to twist.
  12. He leads you to enjoy evil company…under several guises.

All these ploys are perfected in “Les Miserables” which also commendably portrays social responsibility concepts and positive aspects of populist revolution such as disdain for the oppression of the poor by the elite class. Still, concepts such as charity are romantically corrupted by excluding Christ when for example the kind hearted Bishop offers more loot - in a love that melts the heart of the caught thief – Valjean, turning him to a kind and generous man - humanist but still apparently without Christ. Thankfully “Les Miserables” is a movie … if it were real-life scenario, the Bible teaches that its main stars would be in hell. Why?

Act_4:12  Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Prostitution is given a soft focus and respectable veneer based on deep feelings and emotions of the sick prostitute heroine Fantine - a mother who must pay any price to care for her daughter (Cosette). At the end of the movie, a ghost of the dead Fantine appears restored so beautifully acted by the Oscar winning Hathaway painting the picture that this lovely woman cannot possibly be in hell … and the dying reformed thief Valjean, who could have easily won the Mr. Do-Good award if the Oscar had any such prizes – is escorted by the beautiful ghost to paradise. The end of the movie confirms that this is actually a religious parody. People care about where they will spend eternity and Hugo gives his own half-baked answers.

Let me go quickly to the point …

  1. There will be no music, singing or anything that gives any relief in hell where the Christ-less end … not a single note - only wailing, deformity and gnashing of teeth that no make-up artist can replicate … a horrible sight that makes the wicked sewers of Paris in “Les Miserables” look like the Savoy Hotel. Only the redeemed of Christ will sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb.
  2. The Bible asks if we have resisted and fought sin till death … simply because God (who has provided eternal bliss) has revealed enough to let us see that it is better to die hating sin and go to heaven than use preservation of earth-bound life as an excuse for spiritual, financial or physical prostitutions. Heb_12:4  Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin. This same deception of justifying prostitution for survival was seeded in another award winning 1990 romantic comedy “Pretty Woman” .
  3. The evil company of good hookers fighting on the side of “good” social activists somewhat obscures and normalizes the sin of immorality … portraying social revolutionaries seeking a better society as the new harbingers of wicked sexual freedoms. A new emerging norm.

The bait of first class exceptional and bewitching entertainment – laced with a social cause, is instantly compelling … the only deception missing at the final scene was a majestic hymn singing choir heralding Valjean into eternity. The final scene in the movie is disappointing in many regards … it would have been more truthful to simply accept ignorance on the eternal destiny of Fantine and Valjean instead of openly promoting the delusion of paradise. The hook is a wicked demonic bondage to wickedness, destruction and sorrow lasting forever awaiting the deceived … but this is not in Hugo’s award winning script. It is Christ’s righteousness that saves … the Bible repeatedly teaches our most virtuous works are “filthy rags” –useless for salvation … but still commands that we be holy as God is holy. Lev_20:7  Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy: for I am the LORD your God. …1Pe_1:15 But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; 1Pe_1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

A word on Victor Hugo  (who published “Les Miserables” in 1652) – the great mind and national hero of French literature, who created this fantastic epic. … a celebrated genius who worshipped his idylls but whose personal life mirrored unrepentant infidelity, sickness, tragedy, insanity and many sorrows and who died confirming his belief in the god he seems to have created.

“Hugo left five sentences as his last will:” Je donne cinquante mille francs aux pauvres…. Je veux être enterré dans leur corbillard….Je refuse l'oraison de toutes les Eglises. …Je demande une prière à toutes les âmes….Je crois en Dieu. (I leave 50 000 francs to the poor.- I want to be buried in their hearse -- refuse [funeral] orations of all churches. I beg a prayer to all souls - I believe in God.)” Wikipedia

Rev_15:3  And they sing the song of Moses the servant of God, and the song of the Lamb, saying, Great and marvelous are thy works, Lord God Almighty; just and true are thy ways, thou King of saints.

The Bible teaches that the final song of the saints will be the song of the Redeemed - purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ … the song of salvation of those who have been set apart and delivered from the mess of the world’s poisonous lifestyle and culture - saved from addiction to the heroin of its entertainment. In God’s eternal heaven there are no Oscars, red carpets and applause for sound editing, sound mixing, original score or song …only a joy that lasts for ever. In hell, it will be infinitely worse than the hard brothels of 19th Century Paris in which Fantine is forced to sell her youth, hair and teeth to survive….and it does not end in a few decades.

In summary, if you must watch this movie – that will make prostitutes sleep well (the movie hints that if they have a good conscience they will end up in paradise) … do watch with discernment being very cautious of your conclusions … and definitely counsel younger saints on its many poisoned arrows. Many say this generation think differently … I always replied that only because epics like this go so much farther in forming their values than most would imagine. 65 million minds may have already been discipled by Hugo’s gospel.

Psa 119:11  Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Saints need appreciation of the strategic and intelligent methods by which unguarded minds are being attacked to pray and position their response. It may not exactly help that today’s western-oriented Church mimics Hollywood … becoming more sensational, emotional and romantic in its appeal and also (and perhaps rightly so) socially responsible but (sadly) more Christ-less and word-less … ostensibly to gain acceptance. The result is filled auditoriums but a Godlessness that promotes “Les Miserables” as a great movie modeling Christian values. How we need at the forefront the pure word of God more than ever … for a closer and accurate walk with God … and to survive and overcome in the violent battle for our minds.

Come to Jesus. Do not waste another minute. Repent. Tell someone about Jesus. Spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Use your talents to profusely promote His salvation. Be strong in the battle. Pray for each other.

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