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Obama, Marriage, African Renaissance and the Church

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Associated Press, Senegal reports that President Barack Obama on Thursday praised the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage as a "victory for American democracy" but clashed with his African host over gay rights in a sign of how far the movement has to go internationally.

Africans are accustomed to being perceived by the West as primitive in their thoughts on everything including marriage …just as spirit-filled Christians are labeled as judgmental, legalist hypocrites sometimes because of flickering inconsistencies which presumably disqualify them from holding any moral positions. What right does a continent of corrupt, abusive dictators have to point fingers at the wisdom of a nation acknowledged as the epitome of post-modern correctness… a nation that spreads the goodness of democracy and freedoms? Still there is the difference between the one who carelessly falls in the grime and keeps creeping out till it gets it right and the other who defends the rights of the mud and swims happily in it till it sinks and drowns in shame.

It is perhaps not politically correct for me as an African to say I am not a fan of Obama. In my first book ”Worship in Spirit and in Truth written in 2008 before he emerged as the US first black American President, I warned – quoting his famous “Call to Renewal” speech delivered June 28, 2006, that Barack Obama for whom the world raised $350m to finance ascension to power – would eventually usher in an era of unprecedented darkness on the wings of pragmatic compromise that will only perfect the derision of Godliness.

Samuel Rutherford  (1600-1661) wrote “The world never looked like a friend upon you. Ye owe it little love. It looked ever sour like upon you. Howbeit you should woo it, it will not match with you; and therefore never seek warm fire under cold ice. This is not a field where your happiness grows: it is up above.”

That was Samuel Rutherford. Today, the Obamaesque Christian seeks success and happiness in this world as his goal and the only meaningful evidence of Godliness it can hope for. This humanist philosophy has so many zealots worldwide and its epicurean allure is slowly replacing the call to daily death of genuine spiritual life.

The President declares we should not deny the rights of those who love each other who want to get married. If we agree people can marry whoever they love then Obama is spot on … but marriage is God ordained and the Bible teaches that it is God that joins man and woman and not a hormonal flush or some other passionate driver or social convenience tool. None of this is accidental. We are still to see bigamy, bestiality, polygamists, pedophilia and incest seeking for equal rights as soon as they can prove that they truly love each and have good intentions… and when some brilliant social professor sets the ground for it. May God help Christians to be His Church (called out). Scoff if you like, but consider carefully if you have watched the cinema hit “King Kong” that only a little more media creativity is required for the warped reality of love between animals and mankind to be completely seeded – noting that already evolutionists have established close kinship.

But you can say that we cannot subject America to the rules of a book - the Bible, for which many still argue against its inerrancy and relevance. Rutherford’s assertion is soon to become truer than ever …if the world throws God and the Bible out or want to use God selectively for success and blessings…then it promises to be colder for those who wait for God and His word and insist on His narrow way.

The “larger than life” Obama, the first African American President arrived in South Africa yesterday at a time when another “larger than life” icon …Nelson Mandela - also the first Black President in his nation, after a glorious life, seems to be slowly passing the baton foreshadowing a strange ritual of transition. I wish the President a fruitful visit and Nelson Mandela speedy recovery also sensing the pains of the Mandela family. But the lesson for all including Obama should be that everything this world offers …its fame, power, success, achievements, contributions and glories is tenured and will all pass away and all that will be left eventually is to be an impending personal encounter with our Maker… God - and the eternal scenario (Heaven or Hell) follows.

There is little doubt that both Mandela and Obama mean well and will be remembered as powerful, influential and great men. However, the Devil, the master of his pawns, is not remotely close in greatness to God who sees the greatness of the best men as comparable to mere “grass” and everything still playing accurately to His master script.

Christians who know their God are already great, blessed, influential and anointed … destined for mighty exploits. All over the world Christians need to grow and take their attention off seeking more personal demonstrations of power, success, deliverance, anointing and joys and should seek God and His righteousness … praying, in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ, for America as the developments in this nation has far reaching implications across the globe. We all need to be our brother’s keeper and cry for God’s mercy and be prepared for God’s next move through His saints in Africa … a remnant “foolish” enough to challenge the wisdom of the earth. It is in the greatest darkness that His light will shine the brightest. Pray that saints all over the world will be the blessed light they were meant to be.

Mat_11:28 Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

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