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Peace when there is no Peace

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The pursuit of peace is laudable but cannot be at the expense of conviction. The narrowness of the path defined for Christianity as revealed in the NewTestament means to live under the constraint of the word of God … accepting its dictates and recognizing the rapids we are warned to avoid. Morality today, on the other hand, in society is defined by changing accepted norms and strange reversals lead us to conclude that at its best can only be likened to shifting sands. We cannot therefore be certain of the boundaries which will define the morality of tomorrow. On the contrary the Bible insists, to the chagrin of many – even saints, on an absolute standard that is eternally settled.

The rise of Hitler came on the peak of a social and political naivete that humanity are a naturally decent race which led to many peace loving moralists to trust that people are essentially good and have decent motivations. John Calvin in the 16th century studied the Bible on the other hand and warned of an intrinsic depravity of which none is immune and unseen wickedness ruling even in the religious, political and academic corridors … admonishing that while we can and should strive to be trustworthy, flesh and blood are never to be ultimately trusted.

The revolution in Egypt which came at the cost of the blood of many young enthusiasts and initiated on the wake of a well meaning drive to replace the lootist Mubarak has now settled on the swearing in of a pro-Mubarak Presidency deriding the altruist delusions of seeking change by all means, only to emerge as a tool of clever manipulators … who find all religion, intellectualism, culture, social activism and struggle for rights and gains as the ideal levers to bewitch unheeding masses.

The world’s first multipolar and most open-minded Pope Francis recently made history on Pentecost Sunday when the papacy convened a prayer summit bringing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli President Shimon Peres together mocking the anniversary of the biblically reported descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples … the agenda we are told again is the pursuit of peace.

In the United States we also find a peace loving leadership ever seeking to blurr the differences of faith emphasising a different freedom of worship as long as it is contained within the boundaries of state defined doctrines … leaving the American Church to propound a success, do-well-for-yourself and “be great” offering which will not offend public interests but denies the power to halt the propagation of evils that are not disturbed by filled halls.

In the UK, Prince Charles has vowed he will not accept the “silly title” of defender of “the faith” and Head of the Church but will on becoming King be instead the defender of “faith” … a new age umbrella which permits the robustness of many beliefs which presumably will assure peaceful coexistence.

The theologian, R.C. Sproul opined at the recent Ligoniers West Coast Conference "If you are a Christian, then you are by definition a narrow thinking person" … an uncomfortable conclusion for today’s pilgrims – if they can still be called that and a tag that hardly markets the gospel to a new populace used to being pursued … as though God was another Presidential aspirant desperate for approval at the polls. Sadly, many Christians also miss the bigger picture and are caught protecting invented paradigms that deny the omnipotence of El- Shaddai … the Almighty God who is not just omnipotent but always and ever all powerful and all-knowing to bring His word and promises to pass. Few now know what these promises are and what the Bible actually says concerning the past, present and future of a world created plainly for the pleasure of the Creator … the Creator who made mankind for His greater purposes and also created evil for the day of its ultimate destruction.

Recent events globally can only be properly discerned through the lens of the word of God … but many will rather avoid this lens because of the discomfort with God’s interpretation of the times we are presently in. We cannot chose the times, but we can see it properly and remain watchful, prayerful and studying the word and act – not just to find answers for our pains, but to hear God speak to us.

It is no more surprising that the book that should guide mankind – the Bible, is no more being studied in its expositional entirety … instead it has been chopped into daily, weekly and episodic themes and pills to relieve and appease passions that have been long whetted by modern media mindwashing and for hearts hardened by a different secularism no more seeking God alone … but rather accomodating God to pursue agenda steeped in the depravity of the flesh that refuses to "die daily".

Adolf Hitler did not emerge from a connivance involving barbarist warlords or a mindless military coup but was pushed up through principally a lack of discernment blinded to evil … by good men and women seeing and trusting the new morality that would have been achieved, had Hitler succeeded - unfolding eventually in a shocking nightmare in the heart of an enlightened and very highly cultured Europe.

Psa_119:89 . For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

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