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Season’s and New Year Greetings

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What a year gone speedily bye with its sorrows and joys, losses and gains,
Thank God for Eagles wings with which you mounted and now fly.
Behold, God arises for you this year to speak to every wind
“Peace be still” He says again for you and yours, near and far.

And at His word, divinely spoken – the blind see, the deaf hear,
The lame leap up, the dumb declare it is - something great and new, from heaven.
Empty boats overflowing with fish means efforts rewarded, destiny changing
Even as He does a great new thing ending every form of barrenness.

And so we pray, May you enjoy Peace like a great, great river,
Health as pure and bright as the bright morning star, and swim in oceans full of joy.
May you know no dry seasons at all – be constantly drenched in cool refreshing rain.
Showers of blessing, no sorrows or pain just huge, permanently open doors.

May God surround you with favours - His eyes following you everywhere
And with His eyes gracious abiding love, power – to keep you happy, safe and secure.
May your night be bright as day as you sing “Surely my God reigns again and again.
All is well with me and all mine as we enjoy mighty new blessings.”

Happy New Year of New Things.

It will be well with you ...God who has started a good work in you will perfect it will succeed beyond your imaginations ...whoever God has to move for you to achieve your divinely ordained goals will be moved today ...when you ask for one favour, the Almighty God will grant you three. Praise the Almighty God.  Amen.

Poetry and prayers by Pastor E.A. Adeboye.

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